Celebrity Baby Showers Themes Decorations and Entertainment Ideas

Trendy moms want to know everything about celebrity baby showers. I recently got a phone call from such a friend who begged me to do some research and put together some details for her. You may wonder why getting this information was such a pressing matter. The obvious answer would be that inquiring minds want to know.

For my friend it’s not just the issue of knowing which baby shower celebrity moms and dads are digging at any given moment. It’s about taking their baby shower ideas and beating them at their own game. It’s about making better invitations, giving better shower favors and decorating them right under the table.

Did I mention that my pal the diva is very competitive? Well, that goes without saying and I would never want to insult or deny her the privilege because she really throws a cool party when she sets her mind to it. So, here are some of the themes that have been reported in some of the top celebrity baby blogs.


What ruby slippers and Dorothy have to do with having a baby I can’t say. But we heard a rumor that one celebrity mom was given just such a shower and it was fantastic. Pairs of ruby slippers were used as centerpieces on the guests’ tables and the decorations were based on candy. Lollipops lined the yellow brick road and a live band provided musical entertainment. No word on whether the cowardly lion, the scarecrow or the tin man were in attendance.

They have bridal showers at day spas, why shouldn’t celebrity baby showers be just as indulgent and relaxing? It was reported that one superstar mom was treated to an environmentally friendly shower planned around an afternoon of manicures, massages and of course plenty of baby talk.

So long as the snacks and company are good, it’s ok to get your friends to make personalized gifts for the newborn as part of the entertainment. One celebrity shower hostess provided craft supplies and onesies for the guests to paint while dishing the dirt and snacking on yummy finger foods. A variation on this celebrity baby shower theme is one where party guests design individual fabric squares that are later joined together to create a unique baby quilt. One might wonder how much some of those hand painted items might sell for some day on ebay.

This celebrity baby shower theme is the perfect example of how anything goes with entertainers. They are a creative bunch that enjoys thinking outside the box. It was reported that at one singer’s shower that the refreshments were sno-cones and that some of the guests dressed in drag. I’m not certain if that can qualify as a theme. But it sounds like fun and who doesn’t love an icy treat on a hot day?

Not every celebrity baby shower can be expected to be a trip on the wild side. There are just as many down to earth backyard get-togethers where a mommy expecting to deliver twins is given an inexpensive necklace sporting two pacifiers as a hostess gift.

You can decorate with red, blue, brown or any other color of the rainbow so long as the focus stays green for duration of the organic, eco-friendly baby shower. We are seeing plenty of baby showers that serve to bring attention to the favorite charities of the mother to be and the health of the planet.

Just when you think you are about to see your first goth baby shower pics, the celebrity most likely to have such a shower throws us a curve and picks such a traditional theme that it is well, shocking! A Winnie the Pooh baby shower theme ideas might be the last theme I would pick for a famous rock star's celebrity baby shower theme. However, it has been well documented that Pooh Bear was elevated to celebrity status when he and his friends from the 100 Acre Woods were the theme of choice for a southern rocker’s shower.

It just goes to show that celebrities are just normal people, albeit people whose every move is examined under a microscope, that are excited about welcoming a precious new baby into their lives and that planning a baby shower for a celebrity mom is probably lots of fun!

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