Camouflage Baby Shower Invitations
Camo Baby Shower Invitations Hunting, Deer & Forest Animals

Camouflage baby shower invitations are an excellent choice for several different baby shower themes. Camo baby shower invitations are for hunting themes as well as a military theme should mom or dad be serving their country. If you shop carefully you may be able to use your stockpile of invitations for weddings or kids' birthday parties.

Camo Baby Shower Ideas

Baby Camo Nursery Ideas

Camo print isn't just a design with a duty. Awhile back it was a utility fabric print that served a purpose. Some years ago, fabric companies began to experiment with different colors and the results are that camouflage is considered quite trendy and fashionable.

Camouflage Baby Shower Invitations

Camo baby shower invitations deer hunting theme forest animals nature theme

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Some of your guests may be duck hunters, some may stalk deer and then there may be those who will hunt anything that moves in the woods or the jungles of foreign countries. When planning a party for hunters with a broad range of interests, camouflage invitations are your best bet. No matter what kind of trophies your friends bag on a regular basis, camouflage is universal.

Military Invitations
Camouflage decorations are popular with many branches of the military. Various colors and styles of camouflage baby shower invitations would be good to use as military going away party invitations as well as to invite guests to military theme birthday parties and Army baby showers.

Why Camo
Camouflage is not just for guys. Women serve to protect our country in the armed forces and enjoy hunting just like men. When ladies who wear Army fatigues professionally or girls who wear camo as a fashion choice are expecting a baby, why not personalize the festivities with decorations and invitations covered in camouflage? You can easily find ready made pink, blue or green camouflage baby shower invitations or you can make your own cards and use your own baby shower invitation wording.

Camo Baby Shower Wording Ideas

Here is an example of birthday party or baby shower invitation wording for a military themed party:

Atten-HUT! Your orders are to attend a (birthday party, baby shower)

March in formation to (name here)’s house at the following coordinates

Address here:

Be there at precisely (time, date here)

Chow will be provided in the mess hall.

AWOL call (phone number here)

If you can find and download free printable camouflage baby shower invitations or birthday party invitations you may be able to save some money. But you should know that once you buy your card stock, pay for the colored ink and spend time making your own homemade camouflage invitations, you will have only saved a buck or two, so unless you have blank cards lying around, don’t obsess over using downloadable designs over buying your invites in a store that will be in keeping with your camouflage baby shower ideas.

Above all, don’t settle for cheap, cheesy invitations just because the templates are available online. Your camouflage baby shower invitations or kids' birthday party invitations set the tone for the festivities and you don’t want to blow the chance to send the message that this party is going to be FUN! Please check out the camo baby nursery pictures in our gallery to get some excellent gift ideas.

Please plan to visit Unique Baby Gear Ideas regularly to see the latest in camo baby shower themes and party decorations that will make your event a big success.

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