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Bob Jogging Strollers are made by a company in California whose goal was to decrease the number of people who hopped into their environmentally unfriendly SUVs. They thought they could make this happen by designing a bicycle trailer that was lightweight enough to pull with ease and yet capable of carrying any load that a cycler may want to transport. Then somewhere along the way they got around to creating the perfect jogging stroller that's as much at home on the streets of Los Angeles as it is on a rough hiking trail!

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I don’t know where they went with the bicycle trailer thing, but in the arena of baby stroller production they have made both the avid runner and casual jogger much more likely to take baby out for a jog. While this is an unofficial BOB Jogging Stroller Review, I thought that little bit of history behind the stroller was worth a read. Enough history! Now we can get ready for the next best BOB STROLLER!

Don’t be intimidated by the name, The BOB Ironman. I’m no tri-athlete, but I put in a respectable amount of trail time and cover enough miles that I need a serious jogger. My thoughts were running along the lines that if the BOB Jogging Stroller had performance that pleased athletes then it would most likely please me as well and it didn't disappoint. This jogging stroller can actually be pushed using one single finger on smooth surfaces and has such superb suspension that it doesn't let your down in sand or when running on rough terrain.

BOB Revolution Double (Twin Duallie) Navy Baby Jogger / Jogging Stroller


I had worried this would not be the case as this BOB Jogging Stroller does not have the 20 in. wheels, the wheels are 16 inches and slick which may be why they do perform as well as they do. If you are really into running in rough conditions, you may want to opt for the larger wheels. I just don’t know if the tradeoff would be worth it as the BOB Jogging Strollers just have such super suspension and ride for the baby. By all means don’t just buy another stroller because of the larger wheels without a thorough test run.

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For performance reasons the BOB Ironman is a very lightweight stroller at only twenty pounds. That’s about the same as what some manufacturers are trying to pass off as umbrella strollers! I would not want an umbrella stroller over twelve pounds, but a jogging stroller at twenty pounds is a good deal. The Kelty and the BOB Sport Utility Jogging Stroller both weigh in at twenty-two pounds and the Baby Trend Expedition at a whopping twenty-seven! That’s almost double the weight of an umbrella stroller. Most weighed between twenty-two and twenty eight pounds. The only jogging stroller that beat the BOB Ironman Jogging Stroller was the Instep 10K Ultimate which was rated slightly than the BOB Jogging Stroller by some in the areas of child safety, convenience and comfort. If you’ve got twins or two children of strolling age, there is a BOB Double Jogging Stroller

The weight limit associated with the Bob Jogging Stroller is seventy pounds, which makes it an excellent investment for the long haul. Although, I doubt I will be still be pushing my baby when she reaches that size, it’s good to know that the stroller will last as long as I need it to.

It’s good that I won’t have to be breaking my back to lift it into the trunk of the car not to mention that for ease of folding, you can’t beat any of the BOB Jogging Strollers. PERIOD! This is very important for women or men trying to manage a baby and pack a stroller in the car by themselves! To fold, remove the baby! Just kidding, no…really remove the baby THEN squeeze the levers on both sides of the nicely padded handle. Push the handlebar forward and reach down and pick the whole stroller up by the padded handle. Then hang garage BOB stroller. Believe me, if easy fold is an issue for you, get a BOB Jogging Stroller.

A few of the things I love about this stroller would include the clear plastic see through window on the retractable canopy. As the BOB Jogging Stroller does not have a reversible seat, it’s nice to able to look through the little window to see if the baby’s in a comfortable position. She likes to look back at me from time to time, too! The seat reclines, it’s not the greatest design but it enables you to use it with a younger baby than if it didn’t recline at all. There is an infant carrier adapter bar that the thoughtful people at BOB have come up with that enables you to use the BOB Jogging Strollers with an infant, but I have not used it and can’t comment.

The storage capabilities are adequate. There’s no room for a big diaper bag, but there’s a mesh compartment behind the seat that can store enough wipes and diapers a very long run. The underseat area is where I slide my insulated pack with the extra bottles, formula and other special needs I may have at the time like a rain cover or blankets on cold days. Along with a lot of other BOB accessories that are sold separately, they have since come out with a BOB Jogging Stroller Diaper Bag that you can buy that works with all BOB Jogging Strollers both single and duallie. The Bugaboo Stroller has a pretty nifty attachable diaper bag, too. Of course the Bugaboo is not a jogging stroller, but I thought I’d mention it.

I found that I had more use for the BOB handlebar console that will hold two water bottles and zippered compartment for keys, phone or whatever. It’s a handy little accessory, but it does seem to jiggle a little much on a really rough surface. It’s still nice to have the water within reach so that you don’t have to break your stride for a sip if you’re careful. There’s little mesh bottle or cup holders on each side of baby inside the stroller which makes it nice, but you will need buy one of those bottle holder straps to prevent baby’s bottle from hitting the trail on a regular basis.

The safety features are all there with a five point harness, wrist strap (which I wish was a little longer) and great placement of the easy to use hand brake.

I know if you’re a serious athlete it doesn’t matter, but as I’m not I can say I wish there were more colors available in the Bob Ironman like there are in the Bob Revolution. The BOB Revolution comes in red, a really cool lime green, navy gray and orange. I have just always wanted a pink stroller, but I’m pretty happy with the bright yellow as I feel when I have baby in the BOB Jogger we are very visible to oncoming traffic. I was worried that the bright yellow would really show dirt and I was not wrong, but it is easy to clean and a small price to pay for the previously mentioned visibility.

There are other BOB Strollers available if you’re not looking for a running or jogging stroller:

  • BOB Stroller Strides Fitness Stroller

  • Bob Sport Utility
  • Bob Revolution
  • Bob Duallie Deluxe

Don’t just take my word, neither the consumers I’ve spoken with nor any of the other professional consumer reports reviews seem to find any serious problems with this stroller. My final opinion is that if you want a jogger designed specifically for runners you won’t go wrong with the BOB Jogging Stroller Ironman it’s by far the best jogging stroller around in many ways.


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