Sweet, Fun Baby Songs and Lullabyes for Bedtime

Remember the lyrics of the baby songs or lullabyes that your mother sang to you? Probably not, but the soothing sounds of her voice will be with you always. Traditional lullabye lyrics paint a pretty picture of love, mockingbirds and peaceful moments. Words fade with time, but the love in her eyes and the warmth of her voice stay as fresh and moving as the day she was singing them to you many years ago.

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If you can't carry a tune in a bucket, there are all kinds of free downloadable songs that you can load your Mp3 player down with. Download free songs and listen to them with your baby. You'll be amazed at how fast kids learn the words to songs! My little one and I like the free funny songs the best. She likes the part in little rabbit FOO FOO where the bop 'em on the head stuff happens best of all! Once I saw how she learned the words to that song, I began to download free songs for kids like a fiend! I got Napster to go so I wasn't breaking the law.

Whether or not you have a practiced or professional singing voice, there are moments while rocking baby to sleep in the nursery rocker that you will feel the urge to croon a melody remembered from your childhood. What a wonderful opportunity to bond and share the baby songs of your own childhood with your child. I believe that children pick up language skills from music much quicker than from listening to the average conversation. Don't we tend to retain at least some of the lyrics from our favorite songs or lullabies for years? Do you remember conversations in as much detail? I don't.


Many of the classic lullabyes are merely nursery rhymes set to music. Now that I'm grown, I'm interested in nursery rhyme history! Where did the inspiration for these tunes come from? I suppose the origin or history of nursery rhyme is unique to each of the authors. Actually, the history of nursery rhymes can be found in ancient politics in many cases. The secrets behind the words have been lost through the passing of time, but it's safe to say that many nursery rhymes were devised to parody political and royal activities.

Some popular baby songs are taken from:

  • Nursery Rhymes
  • Tradition, passed from generation to generation
  • Popular music from the radio or television or movies

Some tried and true favorites for baby boys and girls are:

  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
  • Are You Sleeping
  • Rock a Bye Baby in the Treetop
  • Lullaby and Good Night (Brahms)
  • Hush Little Darling Don’t Say a Word (Mockingbird Song)
  • Row Your Boat
  • Itsy Bitsy Spider
  • My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean
  • Do You Know the Muffin Man
  • London Bridge is Falling Down
  • I’m a Little Teapot

There are some pop songs worthy of singing at baby’s bedtime such as Dreamland composed by Mary Chapin Carpenter. Modern country or classical compositions may have something to offer as well as the age old selections. Do a search, listen to your radio, cruise through the online subscription services and come up with something unique and to your personal taste. Find songs that will allow you to personalize them by inserting your baby’s name into the verses. Babies tend to pay attention when their names are called.

If you have difficulty remembering all of the verses to your favorite tunes, don’t despair. There are baby songs online that you can download. Compile a collection of your favorites to play during naptime or to provide background noise so that the noises of everyday household activities won’t disturb baby while sleeping. Some white noise and recorded baby songs will help to create a perfect sleeping environment within the nursery. If your family loves music, sign up for a trial membership to one of the services such as Napster to see if this is something that you can use to expand your music collection and find new songs to sing to baby. This is an opportunity to save music that your infant will treasure and share with her children or grandchildren! Don’t we wish that our parents had had such a library at their disposal?

Do you have a favorite nursery rhyme but you’re having difficulties recalling the words? For you there are many resources online that allow you to print the words to the baby song of your choice for free! Include songs in your scrap booking! When printing the musical notes or lyrics use some decorative sheets rather than plain white paper. Use a pretty font with clipart and you have a personalized scrapbook of bed time baby songs from which to choose. Don’t be a bit surprised if your baby begins to have personal preferences and wants to hear the same one over and over!

If you are a true music lover, introduce your baby to the world of music with a musical note nursery theme! Trail musical notes with chosen phrases across the nursery wall! The black wallpaper cut outs will contrast nicely and liven the most boring nursery wall paint technique!


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