The Best White Noise Machine for Baby Sleep

The best white noise machine may help you to achieve that refreshed and rested feeling that you get from a good night’s sleep outdoors without ever leaving your home. A white noise maker is nothing more than a gadget that surrounds you with whatever sounds are more relaxing to you. Some of the more popular white noise sounds are rain sounds, night cricket sounds and other sounds found in nature.

You have the option of filling your baby’s nursery or your bedroom with sounds associated with the ocean or from deep in a tropical rain forest. Taking vacations for the luxury of experiencing these sounds first hand can be very expensive, but there are alternatives that offer the peaceful sounds of nature at a very cheap price.

Produce White Noise Sounds for Baby Sleep

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Vacuum Cleaner White Noise Sounds Helps with Colic and Baby Sleep

Best Sounds for Baby to Sleep

White noise is a combination of all 20,000 tones. Put them all together, play them at the same time and you will have created white noise. More important is the benefit of white noise sounds which is to mask unwanted sounds like voices, traffic, your bed partner’s snoring or the kid next door playing his bass guitar way too loud. These are all good reasons to read reviews and comparison shop for a white noise machine.
White noise generators have a few drawbacks that give consumers pause.

  • They are somewhat less than portable
  • The volume is sometimes difficult to control
  • The white noise sounds are limited
  • The best white noise machines can be expensive

There are CDs that are recorded specifically for use as baby sleep aids. In these recordings you will recognize many of the white sounds that have been used by parents to get baby to sleep for years. There are:

  • Rain sounds
  • A clothes dryer running
  • Electric fan sounds
  • Instrumentals of favorite lullabies
These are all tried and true methods of solving Colicky baby sleep problems that are easily created without the use of a white noise machine. New white sounds available to weary parents are
  • Ocean Sounds
  • The sound of a blow dryer
  • Vacuum cleaner sounds
  • Sounds from a ride in the car

There are websites that offer free white noise mp3 downloads if you subscribe to their fussy baby information newsletter or sign up for a service. If you don’t want to become a subscriber, you can buy the best white noise sounds for your baby for less than $5 on many sites.

If you prefer to keep your white noise free, buy a decorative ceiling fan for the baby’s nursery. There is increasing evidence that links a reduction in SIDS to using a fan in the baby’s room. By running a fan you get free white noise, protect your newborn and get a few more hours of sleep for yourself. If you would like more variety in your sounds or you have noticed that your baby sleeps best when there are rain sounds in the background perhaps you should add a baby white noise machine to your baby shower registry.

Please browse our articles to find more ways to create a nursery for baby that is restful and to pick up tips on ways to get baby to sleep through the night.

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