Adorable Baby Shower Gift Recommendations

Even savvy moms who have a huge stash, need a few baby shower gift ideas from time to time. Everybody would like to avoid that sinking feeling at the gift opening portion of the party if the thank you from the guest of honor seems obligatory rather than genuinely excited and enthusiastic. No matter how sure you are that your gift is something that every mom wants for her baby, there is that desire to hear a few exclamations of surprise and delight from your friends and fellow parents.

Must we blow the budget and buy something with a designer label on it to get the validation that our present is both appreciated and admired? Expensive, luxurious baby gifts are held in high esteem but if you are creative there’s no need to overload yourself with credit card debt for high end, haute couture from the top shelf of the trendy, exclusive baby boutiques.

Here are some unique and some classic new baby gift ideas that won’t break the bank, but will stand out on the gift table:

  • GIFT BASKETS This is one of my all time favorite baby shower gift ideas. An assortment of baby bath items, clothes or small items like pacifiers and toys arranged in a pleasing manner is sure to please.


  • SHADOW BOXES - A decorative shower gift that will provide a wonderful way to preserve baby keepsakes as well as decorate the walls.


  • BABY BLANKETS – An inexpensive, classic gift that can be personalized with baby’s name and information.

  • PERSONALIZED BABY GIFTS - Anything monogrammed with baby's name, initials is always a stand out on the gift table.

  • BABY QUILTS – Bright handmade baby quilts are always passed around the room and admired. They can be personalized not only with embroidery but through the use of baby fabrics that have special meaning to parents as well as unique baby quilt patterns. One of the most interesting modern trends in baby quilts that I’ve seen is moms learning how to make quilts from baby clothes and rag baby quilts.

  • BABY JEWELRY - Celebrate baby’s arrival with jewelry. You can even make mommy queen for a day and present a set of matching mother baby jewelry. Pretty jewelry might have been exclusive to baby girls at one time, but now it’s considered fashionable for baby boys to wear masculine bracelets, necklaces and even earrings!

  • BABY KEEPSAKES - Personalized baby keepsakes are baby shower gift ideas that may require some collaboration between yourself and one of the parents. There are kinds of wonderful things that you can make using a baby’s footprints, handprints or photographs. These craft projects are cheap but you won’t find any gift ideas for the baby shower that will be more appreciated or precious to your friend.

These creative baby shower gift ideas will all do well as single gifts or you can use any one as a centerpiece in a homemade baby gift basket or beautifully decorated box full of baby items.

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