Cute Baby Jewelry for Baby Boys and Girls

Matching mommy and baby jewelry can be a lifesaver for a new dad looking for a unique gift that is certain to hit a home run with mom just after giving birth. Men usually find it more difficult to reach the level of sentimentality that women expect.

A special piece of unique, one-of-a-kind jewelry for mommy and baby is sure to win daddy some points!

Real Silver and Gold Jewelry for Babies
The first pictures or portraits of a new mother and baby wearing their matching jewelry will be treasured for many years. When your daughter is older she will wonder how on earth she ever wore that tiny silver bracelet or gold baby ring but the pictures will tell the tale.

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Men have been counting on gifts of jewelry to strum their special lady's heartstrings for centuries. When a man becomes a dad and has two girls in his life he would be wise to find sets of earrings or bracelets at a jewelry store to have on hand for special occasions. Matching mom and baby bracelets and earrings are always guaranteed to be a big hit as a shower gift.

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Baby's first piece of gold jewelry is usually a slim gold band that almost looks like a wedding ring. A long time ago the baby ring or some other piece of jewelry for an infant was included in a gift box that was given to new mothers as they were leaving the hospital. If it was a home birth the local welcome wagon would take a basket of baby things including a baby ring, baby bracelet or some other inexpensive piece of gold jewelry to the house. The merchants of the town sponsored the packages as part of their advertising budget. The local jewelers were not about miss out on this opportunity to introduce their lines of infant jewelry to the public.

Sometimes heirloom infant jewelry is passed from one generation to the next with the heirloom piece getting more ornate with each baby that comes along. Another keepsake jewelry tradition is to start baby out with a simple gold chain and a single pearl presented at the time of baby's baptismal or christening ceremony often accompanied by a bonnet or hanky to go with the baby's special christening outfit. Each birthday or special occasion is marked with an additional pearl or gold bead added to the necklace. By the time the baby girl reaches adolescence what had started out as tiny infant jewelry is now a valuable necklace that she can wear through out her adult life.

Some parents prefer personalized baby bracelets that can be engraved with babies name, initials or birth date. A baby bracelet or whatever kind of jewelry you get for your infant has to have an area available for engraving. For a bracelet or necklace to have this feature it might look slightly oversized on an infant. Consider engraving of baby's full name and date of birth on a sterling silver cup, plate or baby rattle rather than a small personalized baby bracelet or necklace.

For baby girls, birthstones are used to decorate the plain gold bands of baby rings or bracelets and popular styles of jewelry for mothers or grandmothers. Lots of moms are getting their babies ears pierced very early and so birthstone earrings are now tasteful and appropriate gifts. Tiny gold or silver hoops with a tiny gemstone threaded onto the wire are precious for baby's first pair of earrings. Pierced ears for babies seem to be common in some areas and cultures than they are in others but are gaining in popularity and the tremendous amount of trendy jewelry selections are evidence of this.

An infant's christening, first Communion or baptism ceremony are some of the occasions where friends and relatives might present pieces of newborn jewelry as a memorial in honor of the day of dedication. There are keepsakes sold specially for a Christian baby’s dedication service with crosses, doves of peace and other traditional religious motifs and symbols. If the ceremony is for an Irish baby with shamrocks embroidered on their christening outfit consider an item embellished with an Irish motif.

A person can shop and find infant jewelry that are as cheap or as expensive as they want. The least expensive baby bracelets and necklaces would be made of sterling Silver. Gold plated pieces are available but they are not much cheaper than the sterling Silver pieces. A piece of sterling silver jewelry with baby's birthstone will be a much nicer gift than a cheap gold plated piece. I would rather give genuine silver than fake gold any day. The same rule applies to fake diamonds; rhinestones just don't make the grade. The cheap price is the reason that sterling silver has monopolized the scene. Fine baby jewelry in 14 karat gold is much more expensive even if it's mass-produced and not a custom designed piece.

The only drawback to jewelry made from silver is the problem with tarnishing. There will be a need to buff the jewelry from time to time with a treated cloth made specially to polish silver. Buff it lightly with the cloth and the baby jewelry will begin to shine just like new. Wearing the silver baby jewelry regularly will help keep tarnish off of the item. Baby should not go in swimming while wearing silver baby jewelry as the chemicals in the pool is not good for jewelry.

There are so many styles of infant jewelry in every precious metal set with any gemstone or diamond that your checkbook can handle. Some consider baby jewelry to be suitable gifts for baby girls only but sweet little baby boys can enjoy baby jewelry, too. Baby Phat bling is out there for the baby boys in masculine styles with diamonds set in gold and silver that flash just like their daddy’s modern personalized decorations. For the more conservative mom and dad there are baby boy bracelets that you can engrave with his ID in stainless steel if you don't want to deal with silver's tarnishing problems. If your budget for an infant boy gift can stand it, yellow or white gold engrave-able bracelets are a gift fit for a king or a prince. The polished engrave-able surface of the baby boy bracelets has plenty of room to engrave a baby boys name on the front with the date of birth on the back of the ID nameplate. The baby name bracelets may be one of the more practical pieces of baby jewelry especially if it is engraved with a phone number or other contact information should mom and baby ever become separated. We don't ever like to think there will be such an emergency but if you are buying baby jewelry and having it engraved anyway, why not be prepared.

There are some really unusual designs for the boys that you may want to consider in leather or beaded baby jewelry over baby jewelry made out of precious metals. These unique handcrafted items are affordable compared to traditional baby jewelry displayed in jewelry stores even if you get a good discount. If you enjoy beading, you can make your own personalized baby jewelry as gifts. A beaded leather baby bracelet or matching father and baby boy bracelets would be a marvelous gift and a way to give dad a little attention, too!

Baby jewelry for infants is a lovely and memorable gift but no baby boy bracelet or infant girl earrings are worth the risk of a choking hazard. Parents should never take a chance with their infant's safety and well-being no matter how precious their infant looks wearing baby jewelry. Always err on the side of caution and keep all items with small pieces out of your babies reach. Babies have a tendency to put everything in their mouth that they can lay their hands on and those pretty hair bows or baby jewelry items instantly become extremely dangerous hazards to baby's health.

Thanks for stopping by to shop for new mom and baby necklaces, bracelets and earrings and I hope that you will take a moment to enjoy our nursery picture gallery to pick up some excellent baby nursery decorating ideas before you leave.

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