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Baby nursery decor and the tracking of trendy baby gear have never been hotter! We’re in the midst of a celebrity baby bonanza! Celebrity moms are being pinned to the wall, figuratively speaking by adoring fans and paparazzi all trying to get just the tiniest glimpse into their world. They haven’t much choice but to allow use to see their baby sling carriers, their strollers and designer diaper bags, but wouldn’t it be grand to view the baby’s bedding and furniture?

Baby bedroom decor ranges from the Zanzibar or Malawi set of baby bedding to baby wall decor! And don't forget to include the nursery floor and the baby furniture in your nursery decor plans. Baby bedroom decor should be a seamless process beginning at the top of the baby's rooms with the nursery chandelier. Come on, is that really so out of line? It wasn’t considered tacky when John F. Kennedy and Jackie had the idea of cruising everybody through the White House on television back in the early 60s, was it? If the first family’s home can be on display, why oh why won’t these first families of the movies be just a little more accommodating? After all, if it’s reported what brand of diapers Liv Tyler’s baby boy wears, shouldn’t they be able to tell us what the baby's nursery decor is, right? I wonder if rock star parents display their gold records as part of the nursery's design right there on the wall?

Couldn’t Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt fill us in or at the very least drop a little hint as to which way they are leaning in the way of nursery design? You’d think somebody would already have a clue! How do they keep such things under wraps? After all, they can hardly leave the house without a motorcade! They must hire professional shoppers to take their baby nursery decor ideas, go out and shop then bring things in for their consideration. Or else they do a world of mail order shopping! Wow, wouldn’t you just adore being their UPS delivery guy?

One can’t help but ponder as to what their personal tastes in nursery furnishings might actually be! Mariska Hargitay’s Moroccan Baby Shower makes me wonder, will her baby’s nursery decor be of a Moroccan Theme, set up to resemble the inside of Jeannie’s Bottle? Will Britney Spears southern roots will inspire her to create a tiny Tara for her baby’s nursery decor? Or will she lean toward a wildly mod club environment? Hey, do all those beach babes go for an ocean baby nursery decor? You just never know where people get their baby nursery decorating ideas or why they choose them! Maybe that's part of the fun?

Did you ever in your wildest dreams imagine there would ever be baby cribs that cost as much as a mid-size automobile? No matter what the stars’ taste may be in baby nursery decor, from luxurious West Palm Beach style baby nursery decor to Disney, there’s something on the market to fit the bill. The baby furniture market knows the baby nursery decor market’s booming and theme nursery furniture of every possible genre’ is available. For a price. Baby girl decor and baby boy decor ideas can be found in every price range. It's always a good idea to find pictures in catalogs or baby magazines of popular nursery themes and see if we can re-create them at discount prices. Often times we can get the same look and feel with items that we find that are on sale and cheap to boot! Whether you are looking for baby nursery decorating ideas or an older kid room decorating idea, window shopping doesn't cost a penny!

For those savvy shoppers there are bargains for those who have time to dig for them. For deep discounts, check out the Junior League or the equivalent for luxury haute couture baby nursery items that the nanny donated! Think of how often wealthy people change their decor, why not benefit from their trendsetting ways!

You don't have to leave Unique Baby Gear Ideas to find the nursery of your dreams. Simply visit our amazing nursery pictures gallery before you go.

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