Free Fun Fun Toilet Paper Games for a Baby Shower

Toilet paper games are big hits at baby showers. Many a roll of perfectly good toilet paper has been unrolled and wound around the guest’s waists playing the dirty diaper game as well as to create a spur of the moment designer bridal gown and headpiece. The reason for the popularity of using disposable paper products as party props might be because when the games are finished and the fun is over, it’s so easy to throw them away.
We have included instructional videos, rules and instructions for how to play several different kinds of toilet paper games that use rolls of paper towels, paper napkins as well as toilet paper as part of our listings of free baby shower games to play at baby showers. The dirty diaper game can be combined the diaper changing game or played alone if your party doesn’t have enough guests to form teams.

Here’s a one of the popular baby shower diaper games that fits loosely in the category of toilet paper games but uses napkins rather than toilet paper. For this shower game, your supply list consists of large paper napkins (cheap ones work as well as expensive ones) folded to look like old fashioned baby diapers and a large decorative diaper pin to pin the diaper. Put a big spot of mustard or chocolate pudding in the center of one of the napkins before folding. Tape one of the paper diapers on the bottom of each guest’s chair. At some point in the party, the announcement can be made for each person to look under their seats and remove the diaper that they will find there. Something fun can be said to the effect of, “This may be the only time that you rejoice to find a dirty diaper, but the person who produces the diaper full of baby poop wins the game.” Then present the winner of the game with a prize while the other guests are still rolling with laughter at the site of that messy diaper.

Your supply list for this fun baby shower game is very simple: lots of paper towels or toilet paper. Either will work, but I have found that the players get really silly when toilet paper is used because it breaks and the players have to start over which is really funny! For either of these toilet paper games, you will need to form teams of two. Out of each team, one will have to be the person making the diaper change and the other will be the “baby” who wears the diaper, but don’t tip the players off as to why one team member is to be the baby and one the mommy until the choice has been made.

The player of each team who is to be the baby in your toilet paper games must lie on the floor while their partner performs the diaper change using the supplies that you have provided. The challenge is to create a diaper sturdy enough that the baby can stand up and walk without losing his or her homemade, makeshift toilet paper diaper. Toilet paper games are really fun baby shower games for coed showers. Make the men diaper the girls and then turn it around and let the women diaper the men. If your players are advanced, have them play the game blindfolded. See what kind of creative dads you have at your baby shower!

Toilet paper games work no matter what your baby shower themes might be, diapers and diaper changing will fit right in with your decorations! If you have some ideas on how to make these games more interesting and entertaining, please send them in so that we can share your cool baby shower games and baby party ideas with other moms planning the perfect baby shower for their friends!

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