Fun Blindfold Baby Shower Games for a Co-ed Shower

The great thing about baby shower games that involve food is that where the food goes, men will follow. Men do not get excited about free printable Bingo games, but blindfold games combined with ice cream might tweak their interest enough to attend the party or baby shower and join in the fun.

The blindfold feeding game is a game of skill, but please be careful or it might turn into a kissing game completely by accident. The possibility of an accidental kiss makes this fun and silly party game suitable for adult parties and is rapidly becoming one of many hostess’ favorites.

Blindfold Feeding Game – Where to Play
In order for the game to reach its full outrageously fun potential it might be best to play outdoors where there would be no danger to the upholstery or carpets. However, if your baby shower is inside and you are in need of fun indoor party games, with proper planning you can prepare a special food proof area set aside for the baby shower games that might be a bit messy. The kitchen might be the best place to play unless your baby shower theme calls for decorations that have everything covered in washable plastic.

You will need two (easy clean) chairs, one spoon and a pint of your party guest’s favorite ice cream towels or paper towels for periodic cleanups.


Step 1.
Pick two of your baby shower’s guests that are good sports (if it’s a co-ed baby shower, men traditionally get the most laughs) or ask for two volunteers.

Step 2.
Have your participants each take a seat and get in a comfortable position in the chairs across from each other just far enough apart so that their knees do not touch.

Step 3.
Blindfold one of your volunteers and have the other hold his hinds behind the back of his chair.

Step 4.
Place the ice cream and the spoon in the hands of the blindfolded player.

Step 5.
Tell your blindfolded player to then scoop out a spoonful of ice cream and feed it to his partner. You can require the players to achieve this while holding the spoon of ice cream in his teeth if you want to make the task more difficult.

Step 6.
Let the baby shower games begin!

The object of most funny baby shower games is to entertain the guests and lighten the mood. Sometimes that means somebody has to get messy! Mommy’s tummy might prevent her from taking part in this physical game, but laughing probably won’t be breaking the rules.


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