Simple Nursery Ideas That Will Save Time and Money

I’ve been getting an increased number of requests for simple nursery ideas from soon to be parents. These are busy individuals who say that they just don’t have the money or the time to spend decorating a luxurious room that will have to be given a complete makeover in just a few years.

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These moms and dads want a safe and attractive space where they can enjoy their baby’s first years without a major outlay of time and cash on expensive furniture and gear. A simple baby nursery design that is easy to maintain is preferred rather than an elaborate room that has been decorated with lots of knick knacks and dust catchers.

Here are some basic, simple nursery ideas to help jumpstart your decorating project.

Fixing decorating mistakes waste time and can quickly consume your budget. Following the rules of good nursery design choosing simple baby bedding set with an uncomplicated color scheme is perhaps the most important step in simplifying the process.
Using the crib set as an inspiration piece will give you direction for choosing a color scheme. Pulling your colors from fabric that you find appealing is a time saver that will keep you from spending hours poring over paint chips and eliminate the need for trial and error and perhaps prevent a decorating disaster.

Simple Neutral Nursery Ideas
To avoid having to paint the walls every time you turn around, keep the nursery wall paint colors light and neutral. If you find white walls boring and lacking in personality, consider a pale yellow, green or beige will work with your inspiration piece. Dark wall colors tend to draw the walls inward making a space seem smaller (which is not a bad thing if your nursery is large) and creates a need for decorations to brighten the space.

Detailed wall painting techniques and murals are the frosting on the cake to some parents. But since you stopped by searching for simple nursery ideas I want to tell you that solid color walls are the essence of simplicity and frugalality.

A painted wall’s theme and personality can be reinvented many times over using vinyl wall decals. With these handy, reusable stickers you never have to hammer the first nail. They are quick and easy to apply as well as remove and decorating the walls just doesn’t get any easier.

It’s so easy to loose your way and overbuy when you’re surrounded with huge collections of nursery furniture. Your dedication to simple nursery ideas may fly right out the window when you see the cute matching Moses basket, bassinet and crib. The idea of family members admiring your precious newborn inside a beautifully decorated Moses basket or bassinet can be tempting but do you really need the clutter of three pieces of gear and furniture when one will suffice?

If your nursery has a closet, chances are that you could make do with a baby bed and little else for quite awhile. This may seem ridiculous but you asked for simple nursery ideas and limiting the amount of furniture will make your baby’s room seem bigger and cost less.

To some simple nursery ideas translates into easy nursery ideas while to others simple means CHEAP. Sticking to the basics can save you money but shopping for bargain prices for necessities can be rather time consuming. To answer your question, cheap is not always the easiest way to go. Cheap is just cheap and that’s a different approach to nursery decor best covered in a separate set of instructions.

Sticking to the straight and narrow and sticking to your list of simple nursery ideas can be very difficult for some especially when parents are decorating a nursery for their first baby. The excitement may blow your best intentions right out the nursery window so make lists and a budget as precautions before you go shopping and are tempted to load up at the boutique!

I hope that our tips and tricks help to guide you in decorating a safe and functional baby nursery and that you will stop back by Baby Nursery Themes, Gear and Decorating Ideas and share your own ideas on the easy way to decorate a baby's nursery when you're done.

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