Pretty Princess Baby Shower Invitations Ideas

When you see these princess baby shower invitations you are going to run, not walk, but run to buy princess theme baby shower decorations and supplies to go with them. They are just that cute and if I do say so myself, adorable for a baby girl's shower.

There are many different styles of baby shower invitations and princess theme baby shower decorations and supplies but if you have a particular color scheme or a party variation in mind that we haven't featured on this page, never fear.

Once you choose your princess baby shower invitations, the baby girl shower ideas will start to flow and you will find that most any color can be made royal. And don't overlook the toy aisle in the discount store where you may find inexpensive tiaras, magic wands or royal scepters in gold or silver that you can arrange as centerpieces on each table.

Princess tiara cupcake toppers to make homemade

Go here to see more enchanting tiara cupcake toppers and other decorations for a princess baby shower.

Which Princess?
There are more than a few famous princesses that you might want to use as the foundation for your princess baby shower theme. Which princess that is best might depend on which storybooks or movies are a favorite with the guest of honor. In case your memory needs a little jog on the subject of fairy princesses, here are some suggestions:

  • Cinderella
  • The Princess and the Pea baby shower theme
  • Snow White
  • Ariel the Mermaid Princess
  • Princess Belle
  • Princess Jasmine
  • The Snow Princess
  • Disney Princess parties with all of the cartoon celebrities in attendance – Ariel, Cinderella and Snow White

If you buy your supplies in a complete kit that includes napkins, tableware and decorations chances are that a certain number of princess baby shower invitations will be included. There are times when these cards are not appropriate for your festivities no matter how much you like the accompanying supplies. In this situation you have the option of:

  • finding invitations that are more acceptable to you at the party supply store
  • making your own
  • having them personalized and custom made by a friend who is into stamping and card crafts

Princess Baby Shower Theme Ideas
Celebrities are the modern version of royalty after a fashion so you might add a game of "NAME THAT CELEBRITY BABY" to your repertoire of baby shower ideas courtesy of Baby Shower 101. The list of supplies is short and very cheap! Here are the rules for this game:

  • Go through your pile of celebrity gossip magazines and cut out pictures of movie star’s newborns. You can also use pictures of older kids if you can’t come up with a respectable number of baby pictures. Don’t forget to make a numbered list to keep up with the identity of each child and write the correlating number on the back of each photograph.
  • You will then trim the pictures to display only the children’s heads.
  • Next cut out enough pictures of celebrity’s bodies ONLY to match the number of celebrity baby pictures you have. Number these in the same way you did the kid’s head cut outs.
  • Arrange your picture cut outs on a display board using push pins to hold them in place and then ask your guests to take turns guessing the identity of each celebrity head and body.

Older girls might find a game of "Pin the Crown on the Princess" a lot of fun.

As this is a princess baby shower theme or birthday party, you might want to focus on baby girls and their mothers, the queens of the silver screen, rather than baby boys and their dads.

If you know a little girl that has a playhouse designed to look like a castle you could use that as a scene setter for the baby shower’s entryway or as a focal point in the center of the venue. You could use a magic princess wand and a crown as Individual centerpieces for each of the tables that could double as party favors. Baby Disney Princess stickers or tattoos are always a big hit with the young children in attendance.

If the princess crib bedding set is already in place, you might consider:

  • Disney princess wall decals
  • a special decorative item from the bedding collection like a matching light, rug or diaper stacker
  • a few princess outfits in varying sizes

As you go, you will dream up a few princess theme baby shower ideas of your own that will make your festivities unique and one of a kind. Please use the form below to share your princess baby shower cake pictures and menu ideas with our visitors. Thanks for reading and here’s wishing you a day filled with happiness and fun.

I hope that you enjoyed our princess theme baby shower ideas and that you will tell the mother-to-be that she should pay Unique Baby Gear Ideas a visit when she's ready to shop for nursery decorations!

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