Best Pirate Hat Crafts and Costumes

Whether you need a paper pirate hat pattern for a pirate party decoration or to use as room decoration for a kids room that you've designed with an old time pirate decor you have come to the right place! After all, what self-respecting buccaneer would be without a really cool hat?
Pirates have always fascinated children, I'm sure that you remember Treasure Island! All the popular pirate movies that are in the theaters right now have really jogged my memory! Those pirates wearing black hats with a skull printed on them, an eye patch with a parrot on their shoulder used to scare the daylights out of me! Then my mom showed me how to make a paper pirate hat out of newspaper and pirates seemed much less scary and a whole lot more fun.


You can draw your own pattern for a flat two sided pirate hat that will be very easy to sew yourself. Draw out your pattern on a piece of paper then trace it off onto a stiff fabric such as felt or even a thick black foam material will work.

Sew the sides of your pirate hat together leaving an opening big enough for a child's or adult's head. Stencil a grinning Jolly Roger skull on the front and you've got an excellent and cheap costume hat that pirates on the open seas will envy!

You can use the same skull and cross bones stencil that you used on your pirate hat to add another dimension to your pirate wallpaper murals. You can also add lots of pizazz to a plain black scarf or handkerchief by adding a picture of the Jolly Roger. With very little effort you have magically transformed a boring piece of black fabric into an exciting flag that struck fear into the hearts of every sailor on the open seas in days of old.

For a more formal costume party you may want to buy a pirate costume and hat that is a little more fancy. There are all kinds of buccaneer style hats like the classic tricorn. You know the one that resembles the one Napolean wore in all his portraits. You can buy them at a cheap price in basic brown or black. Once you have purchased a plain black hat that is a perfect size for your head to wear with your pirate costume, you can embellish it yourself with gold fringe, elaborate bullion or perhaps some ostrich feathers stuck in the crown. Some glue sticks and a staple gun are all the craft supplies that you will need.

Don't throw your Jolly Roger hat in the trunk after the costume party! Use your leftover pirate costume, props, hat and party decorations and hat to create a cool pirate theme room or décor for a kid!

One decorating idea that will put your pirate costume hat to good use is to decorate your windows with it! Anchor the hat in the center of your window and drape knotted ropes in intricate designs to the sides of the window casings. The purpose of this is to create a valance that appears to have been made by the rigging of a tall ship. The flashy yet elegant hat in the center is what sets it off and makes it unique! If I were putting together a Pirates of the Caribbean theme room, this is a window treatment I would use! And if a costume party comes up, your homemade hat is right there to top off your buccaneer outfit. Dust it off, put a lifelike stuffed parrot on your shoulder and have a great time!

Of course if you just want something for the kids to wear to play pirate ship in the yard, you can make a pretty impressive pirate paper hat using a paper folding method. This is a classic pattern used by moms since I was a kid! The only thing was that we got to play with wooden swords back then!

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