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I just had to share what I know about Pediped baby shoes with other moms. Pedipeds are some of the best baby shoes that I have found once my babies started to walk. When they were walking around inside the house on the carpet or tile floors, soft-soled moccasins were my favorites (for two of my girls; the other one's ankles were too chubby and I couldn't find a soft leather baby shoe that didn't pinch her ankles that were the right sizing for her little feet) because they did double duty as crib shoes.

Once the babies entered the toddler stage and wanted to go outdoors, the soft seeded soled baby shoes were not water proof and I knew that I had to find alternatives. I wanted a combination between the soft leather crib shoes only with a durable sole for outside use.

I did my research and read some reviews written by other consumers (read: moms) and I immediately felt that Pedipeds would be the best starting point in my search for the best baby shoes once we had left the infant stage behind us and needed shoes for a toddler.

With three girls that are always in need of footwear, price is a big deal with me and Pediped shoes are not cheap. I want a good shoe that won't hurt my baby's growing feet for an inexpensive price.

girls black mary janes velvet patent leather satin pedipeds baby shoes boys brown leather fishman sandals pedipeds baby shoes girls brown and pink polka dots leather pedipeds baby shoes

I knew that I had to keep my eyes open for Pediped clearance sales to get a discount on my shoes, but even if I paid full price, I felt that I would get my money's worth if the older sister passed them down to the other two. The key to this plan of action would be to make sure that Pediped baby shoes live up to their reputation for being top quality, durability and that they are easy to clean. I know I'm a cheap wad, but I thought that if I could pay less than thirty dollars for the Pediped shoes and use them for all three girls, then I would only be paying ten dollars per girl.

I fell in love the NAMES of each baby girl shoe right off the bat. Who wouldn't love names like:

  • Pediped Anastasia
  • Pediped Caroline
  • Pediped Chloe

My only complaint was that with all those Pedipeds starting with girl's names beginning with a "C" why could they not have named a pretty pair of white dress sandals after my baby Cassidy?

PEDIPEDS - MY EXPERIENCE (Get ready for gushing overload of love!)
First off, I loved the Pediped baby shoes foolproof sizing system for the first two years (6-12 months, 12-18 months and on to 24 months, etc) that works like a charm. The shoes are soft and the comfortable, inside the shoe as well as out. I love Pediped and Trumpette socks when it's cool, but I like to let my babies skip the socks when wearing their sandals.

I suppose I've said enough about Pedipeds performance, now can I tell you how darn cute they are? They are precious from the classic Mary Janes to the more trendy, funky, modern colors and patterns.

The under 2's, are nice and flexible giving baby's tender feet an opportunity to develop properly. Over 2's, they are equipped with Pediped Flex that provides traction so the number of bumps and stumbles may be reduced. In closing, another feature that will tickle moms pink is that Pediped baby shoes are easy to put on your baby's foot. A baby shoe that's easy to put on and comfortable and pretty enough for baby to want to wear them without a fuss; you can't beat that.

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