Nursery Night Lights That Have a Soft Glow

Nursery nightlights that cast a soft light can be as decorative as they are useful. Baby night lights come in a wide variety of themes and styles that can be used to complement your nursery design, color scheme.

There are whimsical penguin lights glow and change colors as well as traditional selections in stained glass or shapes such as moon, teacup and teapot nightlights perfect for a nursery rhyme themed room and constellation lights that will project stars on the nursery walls and ceiling giving your little a view of the Milky Way.

For those of you that are interested in the utilitarian rather than the decorative aspects of these lights there are many available that blend into the background with little or no effect on the decor of the space other than to provide just the right level of lighting in the room so that mom and dad can safely move about without waking their little one.

Baby penguin nursery night light that changes colors

Go here to see more lights that cast a soft glow that will not disturb your baby when he or she is sleeping.

This is just one instance that proves beyond a doubt that nightlights for children's rooms are worth their weight in gold. Night lights, nursery chandeliers and table lamps all have their place in taking care of the lighting needs as well as decorating the baby's room. If you shop carefully, these helpful little devices can serve as part of your decorations in keeping with the rest of your baby nursery ideas and decor. They can illuminate the room with soft, subdued lighting if tuned to a low setting or entertain baby with bright lights and musical capabilities.

Some parents consider battery operated models to be safer than electric table top night lights that plug into the wall. The idea is to eliminate unnecessary electrical cords in order to keep baby safe in the toddler stages. If you want, you can buy one with automatic sensors that will turn the light on the minute it detects that it’s dark in the room. If you have an infant, nursery lights with sound sensors that turn on when baby gets restless and begins to make noise are very helpful to keep a sleep deprived parent from stumbling through a dark nursery looking for the light switch.

We’ve made the case as to how night lights can keep you from stumbling around in the dark, but what about their contribution to the nursery’s decor? The great thing is that these lights are not just about throwing a low light along the lower section of your walls. They have come a long way from being hard plastic shells that plug into the wall outlet and come in so many themes, colors and shapes that it would be difficult for the casual observer to differentiate between the themed, decorative accessories in your baby’s bedroom and your handy battery operated light fixture.

There are western night lights for children with a cowboy room theme, dragon night lights as well as stained glass night lights for a more elegant, sophisticated style of decorating. Kids of all ages will love bubble night lights that cast a low light while giving a showy visual display. For the friend searching for a cheap but unique baby shower gift, pick up one and include it in your baby gift basket and have money left!

There are many excellent reasons to accessorize your table lamps with an energy efficient, low watt light. It’s so easy to plug your decorative night lights in and watch the décor undergo an immediate transformation from a simple room with standard furnishings and accessories to a wonderland with stars and shapes projected on the walls and ceilings. Try it; I believe that your baby will enjoy the show.

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