How to Keep Spiders Out of the Nursery and Away from Baby

by Jan

Bugs and babies do not mix and new parents want to know how to keep spiders out of the nursery and away from baby. We all know that while spiders may be a good thing in nature but we do not want them in the baby's crib! Most spiders are not poisonous but the last thing that a mom or dad wants to think about is their infant being bitten but the thought of spraying pesticides in a child's room isn't exactly comforting either.

Spider inside a baby crib in the nursery

What to Do

What's needed are natural, baby-safe ways to make the nursery unattractive to spiders. Thankfully, there are several relatively inexpensive ways to do just that using essential oils and other natural products that you may already have on hand right there in your home ready and waiting to repel these creepy crawly creatures.

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Block Them

Check for cracks around the windows and floors of the baby's nursery and fill them to block access if any are detected and consider mulching the flowerbeds using cedar chips to extend the barrier of protection around your home.

Make the Nursery Unappealing

Clean the baby's room regularly from top to bottom with special focus on the area surrounding and underneath the crib. Vacuum, knock down cobwebs and old webs and clear out those pesky dust bunnies from underneath the nursery furniture leaving no readily available material that spiders might use to make the baby's room their home. Polish the wooden nursery furnishings with lemon oil to kill two birds with one stone; spiders don't like citrus oils.

Reduce the Clutter

Limit the number of stuffed toys and books on display in the nursery as they are favorite nesting spots of bugs and spiders.

Spray the Nursery (just not with pesticides)

In my quest to learn how to keep spiders out of the nursery and away from baby; this tip is my favorite because it makes the whole house smell amazing and it's chemical FREE! It turns out that spiders have a natural aversion to the smell of many of the essential oils that humans enjoy using as home air fresheners. The trick is to be ready to spray the your baby girl's nursery or your baby boy's nursery when the little ones are out of the crib, first thing in the morning so the scent will have all day to dissipate.

Essential Oils That Spiders Hate

My personal favorite of all is peppermint oil and here is an article with instructions of how to use it to keep spiders away from baby's room. There is an added bonus that mice don't like peppermint either!

Other oils that have been reported to be excellent spider repellants are:

lemon oil
tea tree oil

Citrus Fruit and Vinegar

If you ever find yourself in a pinch without any of the above listed essential oils, simply peel an orange and rub the peel anywhere you think spiders might want to hide. You can also fill a spray bottle with a mixture of vinegar and water and spritz the perimeters of the room.

Other methods may be just as effective but less appealing than spraying good smelling oils. These would include scattering loose tobacco which might be toxic to babies or family pets.

We want visitors to Unique Baby Gear Ideas to know how to keep spiders out of the nursery and away from baby without exposing them to harsh chemicals or pesticides. Please use your own judgment as Unique Baby Gear Ideas will be held harmless and can't be held responsible for damage, adverse reactions or injuries resulting from the use of any of the tips and suggestions on this page.

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