FUN Baby Shower Guessing Game

This is a guessing game where volunteers are blindfolded and made to guess the flavors after they taste baby food. Have you ever wondered why babies occasionally make a face and spit out their food? This cute shower game may give you some free clues on how to solve that dilemma in advance. The educational factor makes this a unique party game.
The baby food taste test game will give new parents some ideas on why babies like or dislike certain flavors and possible favorites they may wish to include on the menu. Most baby shower games that feature food or feeding are favorites with the guys. Men tend to be bored with paper baby shower games that are played with boards.

Everybody loves physical humor and this guessing game that involves a blindfold will certainly provide some funny facial expressions, so let’s get all the moms and dads in on the fun and see if they can tell carrots and apples from green peas and liver!

Baby Food Flavors and Taste Testing Baby Shower Guessing Game

The beauty of this game is that it fits with any baby shower theme. To play this baby shower game you should have 10 to 12 jars of baby food in a variety flavors on hand ranging from meats to fruit. If you feel your guests do not have strong stomachs, go light on the liver and ground pork. Cover the labels of each jar with white paper and number them. Keep a record of which numbers go with which types of baby food to determine the winning answers later.

There are two easy ways to play this particular shower game that involves adults performing taste tests on baby food.

You have the option of seating the volunteers in chairs and covering their eyes with blindfolds (blindfold shower games are very popular for couples baby showers) and have an equal amount of volunteers that are not blindfolded to help with your game. Their job will be to spoon the food and write down their partner’s answers to be tallied at the end of the game. The party guest with the most winning answers wins the baby guessing game!

Give each player a piece of paper and pencil so that they can record their answers. Pass the baby food jars whose labels have been covered before the baby shower game began. Allow each guess to sniff, taste and visually examine each jar of food and write down the number of the jar and what they believe the contents and flavor of each jar to be. Again, the player with the most correct answers wins the guessing game.

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