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The best way to get reliable free baby patterns is from a close friend. The advantages for obtaining baby sewing patterns by this method are that the patterns have been tested. Sewing tips regarding sizing and helpful instructions have been jotted in the margins to make your project turn out to be as successful and cute as can be. If you don't have a friend to give you patterns we have listed lots of places to get free patterns for you to download and use as you please.

When I was learning to sew, even the beginner level sewing patterns were far above my skills with a sewing machine. I was convinced that my sewing machine was possessed by the devil and that sewing needles were out to get me. My bobbin thread knotted so badly that I had to spend more time cutting it out of its little compartment than I spent finding and collecting the free patterns that I dreamed of using to sew cute things for my little girls.

Just when I thought there was no hope, an angel moved next door who rescued me from my dungeon of tangled threads and broken dreams. She arrived in possession of a huge box full of homemade (and therefore) free baby patterns passed down from her Irish grandmother, which she had actually used to make clothing! My new neighbor who quickly became my close friend had learned to sew by hand at her granny’s knee and only later became acquainted with my arch enemy the electric sewing machine.

Through our chats on the topic of free baby patterns and instructions for other homespun crafts, I realized there were huge chunks of pertinent information that I had overlooked. This lady whose children were long grown had inroads to frugal living that the net hasn't touched! She never wasted a scrap of fabric or a snip of string! I realized there was a lot more that I needed to know about sewing and raising baby in a frugal manner.

As far as my sewing went, I not only needed to get the basics of how to cut, sew and piece the pattern pieces together but needed to read up on proper fabric selection. As an example; you would not choose a synthetic fleece fabric to use in sewing a fancy infant christening gown. This may seem elementary, but if you don’t have all the facts you can waste the money you saved with free baby patterns on wasted material and in my case a busted sewing machine!

I dedicate this page to this wonderful friend who was ninety years young when she shared her knowledge of sewing and vintage baby patterns with me. I'll never come close to being as patient or as good at teaching others as she was, but this is the only way that I have at this time of passing it forward.

I hope that you enjoy our listings of resources for free baby patterns and please send pictures of your finished baby things and I will put them in our gallery of photos of homemade baby things! Please come again soon to Baby Gear and Nursery Ideas to find more free baby patterns as our crafty moms help us to build our library!

If you are the owner of one of the free baby patterns or sites that we suggest and would rather we not refer our visitors to you, please contact us and we will remove the resource as per your request.

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