Best Faux Fur Rugs for the Baby's Nursery

I've never been a huge fan of fake bear skin rugs, but modern faux fur rugs have come a long way! Anything that's basically not the real article generally is a usually a huge turn-off to me, but these new and improved faux animal print rugs have managed to escape the harsh judgement I dish to most synthetics, knock-offs and look-alikes. If you steer yourself away from real animal skin rugs, a discount cow print rug may be just the thing for that western themed room!
For one thing, they look really cool. Faux fur area rugs come in everything from a cheetah print to a modern hot pink that looks fabulous in a diva girl room theme where I would be hard pressed to find anything else that worked in the area. There's not another fur rug that would be as wild or as deep and fluffy. And the colors! WOW!!! Hot pink, electric purple and out of this planet lime green don't even begin the list of mod colors that you can get faux fur area or accent rugs in.

These are not the rugs that are supposed to look like bear skin or any other animal skin. The ones I'm talking about are very deep and hairy for lack of a better description, but you would never think that these were natural fibers. I don't think you could dye natural animal fur and get these neon colors if you tried! They are not for every style of decor but for a pre-teen or tween's bedroom decked out in the wild colors that are so popular, faux fur rugs are without equal!

Faux fur rugs are a good choice for a baby's nursery rug due to the fact they are machine washable as long as you get a faux fur area rug that you can squeeze in the washing machine. What better white faux fur accent rug could you find than one you can clean without dry cleaning fluid and other stinky chemicals? A white polar bear skin rug or spotted cheetah skin rug will need the occasional bath. Especially if they are on the floor of a baby's bedroom or in any child's room that suffers with a dust mite allergy. Other natural fiber rugs would have to be professionally cleaned or possibly tossed in the trash, but your faux fur rugs will look good through several washings!

The fact you can keep them clean is good, but I just love that faux fur rugs are so versatile and you can find them at such great discounts! Faux fur rugs in zebra prints look great in an African Safari room. You can even stretch them and use them as wall hangings. A faux tiger skin rug on hardwood floors with dark brown or black leather furniture just screams for a glass of cognac and candlelight! Here are some decorating ideas for using your faux fur rugs:

For themed rooms, faux fur rugs are really hard to beat!

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