Eiffel Tower Picture Ideas for a Vintage Paris Themed Nursery

We have ideas those that do not have an Eiffel Tower picture tucked away to frame for the baby's vintage Paris themed nursery wall decor. Your daughter's room is a grand opportunity to display iconic French culture and there is no need to spend a fortune to obtain photos. If you are fortunate enough to be on location by all means snap some black and white pictures of the Eiffel Tower, have them matted and framed but do not despair if your budget will not allow; please continue to read.

Vintage Paris Themed Nursery Ideas

Paris Baby Nursery Bedding

Become well versed in information about the Eiffel Tower such as the height, which by the way including the antenna, is 320.75 towering meters! Impress your visitors by being an expert on the history of the Eiffel Tower which is fascinating! The Eiffel Tower height is just one of the interesting facts about this historic landmark in gay Paris. You can't really appreciate the height of the monument by looking at an Eiffel Tower poster.

Eiffel Tower Pictures for Baby's Nursery

Black and white photo of the Eiffel Tower in Paris for a vintage baby girl Paris themed nursery room wall

Consider this photo black and white photo of the Eiffel Tower with cherry blossoms in pink that would be stunning in a baby girl's vintage Paris themed nursery room.

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While you may want to impress your friends with the more basic structural statistics such as:
  • The rivets in the Eiffel Tower number 2.5 million
  • Excluding rivets, there are 15,000 individual iron pieces
  • Temperature can alter Eiffel Tower height as much as 15 cm
  • It holds 40 tons of paint
  • There are 1652 steps to the top

The more fun facts of Eiffel Tower history would be:

  • If it were not for the use of the antenna, the Eiffel Tower would have been dismantled and torn down in 1909
  • A crazy journalist wanting to make history bicycled down the first level in 1923
  • It's been scaled by a mountaineer and two Englishmen parachuted off it in recent history

Practically all Eiffel Tower pictures, no matter how beautifully staged, fall short of the magnificence of the real article. For those who travel, the effort should be made to visit the Eiffel Tower if you find yourself in the vicinity of Paris France. For the less mobile, reading information about the Eiffel Tower and Eiffel Tower history and of course enjoying Eiffel Tower pictures must suffice. A picture of France with the Eiffel Tower in it to enjoy is nice, too!

Eiffel Tower pictures, posters and accessories are wonderful additions to many styles of decor. The sophisticated design lends itself to living areas and bedrooms alike. The use of a black and white drawing of the Eiffel Tower in a French poodle baby nursery theme will help to tone down all the pink ruffled decorations. Eiffel Tower collectibles can lend an authentic flavor to French Country bedding sets as well and accessorize Eiffel Towel toile fabrics or any other black toile fabric beautifully. Pictures of the Eiffel Tower in Paris are pretty much unique and beyond compare as far as architectural design.

Talk about conversation starters in the living or dining area! Pull out that Eiffel Tower picture and hang it in a prominent place in your bedroom or over the fireplace. A black and white Eiffel Tower print is always fashionable and never looks dated or goes out of style. Don't miss the opportunity to educate your friends and family with the history of the Eiffel Tower and accessorize your rooms with style and sophistication for free! Memories of your romantic honeymoon trip to France will entertain your visitors for hours. Throw in all the information about the Eiffel Tower that you know by heart and they will be amazed. The occasion may inspire your children to learn more of the history of the Eiffel Tower to outshine you!

A photo of the Eiffel Tower can be the centerpiece of other Eiffel Tower accessories and items such as:

  • Eiffel Tower Wedding Cakes and toppers, Invitations and favors
  • Eiffel Tower Table Lamps Silver, Chrome or Black finishes
  • Eiffel Tower Cookie Cutters

There's no end to the list of Eiffel decorations including Eiffel tower party decorations and accessories, so start looking now in your scrapbooks for an Eiffel Tower picture to have framed!

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