Free Crocheted Baby Booties Pattern

A handmade pair of crocheted baby booties makes a lovely, welcoming gift for a newborn, and is appreciated just as much by the infant's mother. This free pattern offers two very pretty styles from which you can make your selection. The instructions for one pair of booties will be worked up in pink and white which are without a doubt the best colors for a baby girl.

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The instructions for the other pair will be stitched up using blue and white as blue is the traditional color usually chosen for a little boy’s clothing and we want out little gentlemen to have the luxury of beautiful, handmade booties as well.

crocheted baby booties boys girls blue pink yellow white pineapple


If you have questions, comments or perhaps have some instructions that you would like to add to our collection of free patterns for crocheted baby booties, please email the instructions and a picture of the crocheted baby booties to us and we will post them on the site to share with other crafters.

Using white Saxony thread, make a chain of 11 stitches, turn.

NO. 1. 1.--Miss 1 stitch, a double in each of 10 stitches, turn.

2. Chain 1, with a double in each of 10 double crochets, taking up the back loop of the stitch in order to form a rib, turn.

Repeat 2nd row until you have a total of 8 ribs; at the end of the last row chain 11, and then turn, skip 1, make a double in each of 10 stitches of chain and in 10 doubles, chain 1, turn, and continue, making 4 of the long ribs, then, working only within the 10 double crochets, make 8 more short ribs, then join at the back of the leg to the beginning foundation chain, taking into each stitch.

Instructions for the upper part of leg:

1. Make a chain of 3 and then make trebles all around. There will be 38 in all. All joining to top of the 3 chain.

2. Draw out the stitch on the crochet hook. Pull up a loop through the 1st and 3rd stitches of the preceding row. Take up the yarn, and draw it through the 3 loops that are already on the needle at one time. Chain 1 to close the cluster, * draw up a loop in the same place with the last and another in the 3rd stitch. Work these stitches off same as before and then repeat around.

crocheted baby booties

3. Draw out the stitch on the crochet hook. Take up a loop in the space before pineapple-stitch of the last row and another in the space after. Work off the stitches in the same manner as before and then take a loop in same space as before, another in the next space, work them off then repeat.

4. Like 3rd row, using blue.

5, 6. Like 3rd row, using white.

7. With blue make a double in each stitch.

8. Using white thread, chain 3, a treble in each double, join.

9. Using blue color thread, make 1 double in 1st stitch, chain 3, 1 double in same stitch, skip 1; repeat. Fasten off this portion of the crocheted baby booties smoothly.

Instructions for the foot of the crocheted baby booties:

1. Using blue thread make a double in each stitch all around bottom of leg and instep of the crocheted baby booties.

2. A double in each double, taking up both veins of the stitch to avoid forming a rib.

3, 4. Same as 2nd row, using white thread.

5, 6. Same as 2nd row, using blue thread.

Repeat rows 7, 8, 9, 10 the same as 2d row, using white thread, joining the last row with single crochet on the wrong side. Finish your crocheted baby booties with silk cord and tassels or with baby ribbon woven in and out of the first row of trebles on the upper part of the leg.

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