Should Parents Ban Drop-Side Cribs, Give Away Their Recalled Drop Side Crib or Buy Hardware Kits to Convert it to a Fixed Side Crib?

It was reported on June 28,2011 that parents should ban drop-side cribs.  It became illegal to sell a drop side crib in the USA that did not meet stringent new federal safety standards. This included selling used, secondhand cribs on sites like eBay and Craigslist, as well as selling a new baby bed that was manufactured before the new regulations were put in place.

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The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission’s (CPSC) new safety standards were put into place to address critical design flaws that had killed or injured many babies including the crib known to many as a "drop-side" whose sides could be raised or lowered allowing parents to access their baby more easily.

Should Parents Buy Drop Side Crib Conversion Kits or Ban Drop-Side Cribs Completely

This feature was kinder to a caretaker's back but the problem was that the hinges on the movable sides were prone to break and create gaps where babies got stuck and injured themselves or strangled.

These are parts included in a conversion kit that some parents use to convert drop side crib into a fixed side crib.

At the time of this article there are drop side crib conversion kits for sale (no name brand) that include the parts and hardware that claim to convert recalled cribs into fixed side cribs. They come in colors of brown as well as white. The kit that I saw recommended for a limited number of brands and models and included instructions as well as a warning that if the conversion kit was used for a crib from ANY OTHER MANUFACTURER NOT MENTIONED ABOVE NOT RESPONSIBLE OR LIABLE FOR ANY DAMAGES MIGHT OCCUR THEREAFTER.

Crib Instructions

I have received messages from parents looking for crib replacement parts and instruction manuals for many models that have been recalled and whose manufacturer may have gone out of business. I have to wonder why these parents are willing to take the risk. In one report the CPSC was said to believe that most of the cribs currently being used in American homes most likely do not meet the latest safety requirements and recommends that parents who can afford to buy a new crib.

The move to ban drop-side cribs altogether was not the only step taken to ensure the safety of infants in our country. Other cribs without the drop side feature started to undergo extensive testing as reported by an article in The HealthLand Time. These tests included finding and identifying the potential for loose screws, weak and faulty mattress supports that separate and slats prone to break which can create a deadly space large enough for babies’ bodies to slip through and get their heads get caught causing them to hang to death or suffocate.

The Old Crib Safety Tests vs. New Testing Rules

The old crib testing rules allowed manufacturers to tighten screws between various tests where according to the new rules, the crib, its features and parts must pass all of the tests without any such adjustments in between tests. It is reported that in one of the tests, the crib is pushed repeatedly in eight different directions for a total of 72,000 movements to simulate wear and tear. In another test a 45-pound weight is dropped to test the strength of the mattress support 750 times.

Do Not Sell or Give Away a Drop Side Crib

While the sale of new or used crib is illegal since the CPSC decreed to ban drop-side cribs, many new parents strapped for cash may be buying them at yard sales. Their sale in stores, on major classified or auction sites is illegal may be more easily monitored and prevented but sales between individuals is difficult to track. For that reason, Unique Baby Gear Ideas asks our visitors not to give away their own drop side cribs or sell them, to ban drop side cribs in favor of a safer, more reliable and completely tested choice and to help educate others to their dangers.

What to Do with Recalled Drop Side Baby Cribs

Responsible parents who have these cribs and want to be sure that they never put a child in danger wonder what to do with cribs that are dangerous to use.

We have a few suggestions:


Disassemble the crib, remove all of the hardware and recycle the wood. If you are not into woodworking, advertise the wood on freecycle but be sure that it is offered in such a way that it will never be used as a crib again.

Use the side railings to build adult furniture such as a love seat or add shelving to make a storage unit.

I believe that statistics have proven that we should ban drop-side cribs but good wood should never be tossed in the landfill since it can almost always be re-purposed.

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Unique Baby Gear Ideas advises everyone to never use drop side baby cribs. It is illegal to buy, sell or use a drop side crib. If you own a drop side crib, please disassemble it and dispose of it at the local city or county waste dump.

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