Best Baby Backpack Diaper Bag Recommendations and Reviews

The backpack diaper bag features many features that appeal to mothers. Plus, their design would be more attractive to dads making them more likely to help with the heavy lifting. Having gear designed especially for them makes men much more likley to help out than if they were asked to carry a less masculine baby bag. Put put it in easy terms; backpacks are manly.

I know this because we are a family with girls and their dad just didn't like carrying those pink, feminine diaper bags. On the advice of a more experienced mom, I bought a backpack diaper bag and sure enough, he loved the sporty, masculine look and didn't complain about carrying it nearly as much.

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This really helped on those days when the babies only wanted mommy to hold them. He pitched in and carried his share of diapers, formula and other essentials in the baby bag. And, since his hands were free, he could help carry a baby, shopping bags or unload the shopping cart with no problem at all!

It occurred to me that I might be missing the boat by not having my own backpack diaper bag especially after carrying his a few times. My findings were that I could front carry my baby girl in her Baby Bjorn, carry the diaper bag behind and have both hands free at all times! To be clear, there are times when nothing but a pretty, dressy baby bag will do but lately I find myself caring less about being stylish and more about being efficient!

Before you venture off into other areas of this baby website on a quest for baby nursery ideas and decorating advice I wish that you would take just a moment to write a review on a diaper bag that you have experience with. It would help other mothers find the best backpack diaper bag for their body type, the most comfortable style and one that is the perfect size to hold all their baby's stuff!

For the seasoned outdoorsman, count on the Columbia diaper bag backpack to get rave reviews from the guys and the ladies seem to love the Petunia Pickle Bottom backpack as well as some of the Ju Ju Be baby backpacks. The only complaint from consumers about either brand is that the price is well over $100 unless you get lucky and find a used one.

You may be surprised to find that you can actually buy a pretty nice backpack for less than $20! The Luvable Friends Back Pack N Go gets good reviews and at the time of this article, costs less than $10! Plus, you can occasionally find deep discounts on slightly irregular designer brands with barely noticeable flaws and a very affordable price tag!

There are occasions when this style of baby bag really comes into its own and outshines handheld designer diaper bags. Even the most fashion conscious clothes horse (a club to which I once proudly belonged) succumb to the convenience of backpack diaper bags on camping trips and when taking baby hiking on the trails. A messenger diaper bag would look out of place in the great out of doors but an Eddie Bauer or Columbia backpack diaper bag makes the clumsiest hiker in the world appear as if they were ready and willing to climb Mount Everest with one hand tied behind her back and a baby in the other. Forget all the practical applications; they are just that sharp looking. And speaking of organization; taking their cue from camping gear that has had decades to evolve you will find better waterproofing, more snaps, zippered pockets and pouches in this genre of baby bag than on any other.

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