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You just found out that you will be giving birth to a baby boy, now you need to buy your baby boy clothes. Part of the fun is dressing your baby up in cute outfits that you find in trendy clothing stores. A while ago little boys clothing selections were so limited that moms didn’t get much joy out of shopping for pants and shirts for their little guys. Baby blue clothes or sailor suits were about as unique as styles for boys got.

Thank goodness that somebody wised up and the clothing industry got busy sewing clothes for baby boys that were modern, stylish and male oriented. The only difference in infant sleepers and snug sacks for boys and girls would be colors and fabric prints, but in a few months the fashion show can begin. After baby has lounged for the first few months, a mom can start to bring out the clothes with designer labels and dress her little man in style.


I would like to caution you not to overstock tiny clothes for the early months because infants grow so fast. Your little boy might not have the chance to show off all of the trendy outfits before he outgrows them. Chances are that your friends bought lots of infant clothes as shower gifts so, take a moment to organize the clothes in baby’s closet and dresser drawers by size so that you know what baby boy clothes you have on hand at all times. You will be amazed how much more storage space you have if you keep your baby clothes sorted properly rather than hanging them on the back of the baby's nursery rocker. When he outgrows any given article of clothing, quickly make the decision whether to put the piece that baby wore as a newborn in the resale store, toss it or save it for later in the baby’s time capsule.


Baby blue and other shades of blue are still the color of choice in boy's clothes from royal blue down to the lightest shade of blue imaginable. This trend continues until it becomes obvious without having to ask whether you have a baby boy or girl in your arms. Even if you know there are few clues, it’s upsetting when admiring strangers think your baby boy is a girl or vice versa. Powder and navy blue onesies, coveralls with matching caps may eliminate a few uncomfortable moments and you have to admit that pale, powder blue cotton or fleece baby fabrics really are sweet.


Baby boy clothes in themes are very popular right now. If baby has a sports based nursery theme there are tops and t-shirts with pictures of soccer balls or maybe the official team logo to wear with a tiny pair of designer jeans and sneakers. If dad is a comic book fan and has decorated his baby’s nursery around a Spiderman theme, there are lots of baby boy clothes with pictures of popular cartoon characters printed on each piece. Superman and his friends are not just for pajamas any more!

Here are some other popular themes for baby boy clothes:

  • Baby Mickey and Minnie Mouse
  • Disney
  • Peanuts or Snoopy
  • Dr. Seuss
  • Vintage Airplane themes to match the crib set
  • Sailboat or Nautical Themed Clothing for Boys
  • Licensed Sesame Street Clothing for Newborns
  • Camping themes
  • Baseball, football, golf or other sports themes
  • Bugs - the creepy crawly kind, not butterflies or ladybugs
  • Camo baby boy clothes for a military, deer or duck hunting style of baby duds
  • Cowboy style stuff for boys never goes out of style
  • Policeman or fireman themes are great to honor our real life heroes

Baby boy clothes with pictures of animals are always a favorite:

  • li>Frogs (think Kermit or red-eyed tree frog for a rainforest style
  • Bunnies so long as they are the Loony Tunes variety like Bugs Bunny
  • Curious George the Monkey is cute on a bright yellow shirt
  • Really big animals like bears and moose
  • Horses (you probably would want to skip carousel horses and unicorns


There are even dressy baby boy clothes for christenings. Christening suits with matching shoes and hats are rapidly taking the place of christening gowns and bonnets that were once used for boys and girls alike. The long, fancy gowns are still used probably because of the tradition of saving christening outfits for following generations, but I see more parents passing over Irish linen heirloom gowns for modern christening bubbles, rompers or even tuxedos in white with lovely personalized details such as hand smocking. Clothes from these memorable occasions are often worn again for baby’s first professional portrait which is a lovely way to record the look before carefully packing it away in the baby’s memory box.

For the latest styles in infant fashion, return to UNIQUE BABY GEAR, NURSERY THEMES AND DECORATING IDEAS.

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