Wall Stencils Ideas for a Decorating a Baby Nursery Room Wall Using Easy Stenciling Techniques

We have some excellent ideas for using wall stencils to decorate your baby's nursery walls. Remember back when we used a razor knife and a sheet of plastic to make our own stencils? That is still an option but the great news is that stenciling has gotten so much easier!
The prices for custom laser cut wall stencils have gotten so cheap that it is not worth poking holes in your hands just to get kudos and cred for making your own. I have been using wall stencils for years to decorate baby boy and girls' nurseries and bathrooms as well as the occasional den, dining room and kitchen backsplash.

There was no easier wall painting and decorating technique to give any room in the home a custom look. And that was back when I was sitting up late at night and cutting my own stencil patterns from printable designs I downloaded online.

The budget minded reader of this article might be thinking, "She got those baby theme wall stencils for free!" If you don’t consider the time and effort I put into looking for pictures and designs in suitable patterns for the themes I was working on, that is true. However, some of the more detailed wall stencils in baby motifs and the formal, ornate patterns took hours to make. There were also times when I was almost finished with a set of decorative stencils only to have an accident with the razor knife and I had to start over from scratch.

From time to time, I come across a decorating project where I need unique stencils for a baby's room or for older children that I can’t find in stores. It’s a rare occasion when my favorite store where I buy most of my stencils (at inexpensive discounted prices even when they are not on sale!) doesn’t have a stencil pattern on hand that will suit my purpose.

I especially enjoy stenciling designs with wall mural kits. If you know how to stencil paint on the walls at all, you should give some of the layered mural stencils that come as a package a shot. It’s quick and easy to stencil an entire wall and the scenes that you create add such depth and dimension to a room. You can get a fabulous three dimensional wall mural with a series of numbered laser cut stencils that you apply in layers and they are such fun (and cheap!) to paint! Why stencil a repetitive flower border when you can have an entire flower garden from the rustic stone garden wall to purple iris and butterflies, birds and the bees!

If you find pictures in a storybook that you'd like to see stenciled on your walls, contact one of the online stencil shops and consult with one of the sales reps to see if they could cut a custom stencil just for you! What a cool way to get a completely unique look for your walls that nobody else will have.

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