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WiFi and wireless video baby monitors are a godsend for parents who worry. The latest of these handy little devices will stream videos to your IPhone, Ipad, Mac or PC making parents of infants able to leave the nursery and still feel connected and able to check on their sleeping infant while being a short distance away. These inventions don’t claim to prevent SIDS, take the place of close-up parental monitoring or for that matter be a necessity but many new parents feel more comfortable with one in place.

The technology is here but reports of interference and sound and video quality vary according to reviews. The best advice we can give is that before you go shopping for a baby monitor would be for you to read the reviews, make a list of the best rated models and try out the ones that have the features that you want.

How is a video monitor better than an audio monitor?
Compared to video monitors the audio kind is cheap so why is video better? Audio monitors would let you know if baby was sleeping or was awake and crying. Under the best circumstances many models were very effective and sensitive to sound. Under optimal operating conditions, if baby was restless you were able to hear the crib sheet rustling on the crib mattress. Not as good as having visual surveillance, but it was cutting edge for awhile. Many audio style baby monitors had lights as well as sounds. The louder the baby cried, the brighter the lights would get. These monitors are still a step or two behind modern electronics, but these monitors are the next best thing to wireless video baby monitors as you can tell how upset your baby is by how intense the lights are shining.

Once wireless video baby monitors made an appearance many parents thought that it was nice that they could put baby down for a nap, head to the den to watch television and still manage to keep an eye on the nursery! It may even be possible for digital baby monitors to receive the feed in multiple rooms. This is a big pro in the pros and cons list even if you live in a small apartment or house. Wireless video baby monitors are not a baby gear essential, but some parents report that the calming effect on the nerves is significant. However, even if you opt for a black and white video rather than color, the price for this luxury can be rather expensive. If the baby shopping budget is tight, you may find that you begin to relax and not feel the need to keep your sleeping child in your sight every minute.


Before you order your wireless video baby monitors from an online website or head out to the discount baby store, check your cordless phones to see if operates on the 2.4GHz frequency band. If this is the case, shop for a baby monitor that operates on a different frequency to avoid interference between devices. Check to be sure that you can return the monitor for a full refund just in case you get it home and can’t operate it because of static or interference from other electronics in your house. Some reviews have stated that the static problem was impossible to fix and that there was no recourse for the problem.

Wireless video baby monitors are wonderful, but did you know that unless you get certain features on your cameras and receivers that people can spy on your household? That’s such an ugly word, but deliberately tapping into another person’s life by the use of electronics is spying and there’s no other way to say it! There are baby camera monitors that pick up other frequencies, for example if your neighbors purchase an analog monitor of the same model, brand or frequency there can be accidental reception of both sound and pictures. How can you be sure that you’re the only person watching and listening to your family on your wireless video baby monitor? When shopping for wireless video baby monitors, buy digital. Carefully check the wording on the box that the monitor is packaged in or read the description on the product website. If there is nothing that states specifically that the monitor is digital, assume that it is analog and search for another baby monitor. There’s no real guarantee that there will be no interference with either type of monitor, the digital will be less likely to compromise your home or nursery’s privacy.


The new wireless video baby monitors have color screens. The screens are small but have good, clear pictures for the most part. This was the case until we cranked up the microwave oven in some circumstances. The reviews seem to indicate over all that if(and in some homes this is a big if) you can overcome static and appliance interference problems video baby monitors are reliable and are capable of transmitting little color pictures in real time of your baby in the crib to other rooms in your home. The Mobicam, (which along with the Safety 1st brand was one of the best rated wireless video baby monitors that was in the tests, will allow you to tape the video feed to watch on your television screen.

The top rated AUDIO monitors at the time of this article are

  • Philips Digital SCD 589
  • The First Years Digital(which is cheap at $50.00)
  • The Graco imonitor 2795DIG

At this time, the only reviews for video monitors are for the

  • Safety 1st color-view 08047 which sells for about $190.00
  • The Mobicam that sells for somewhere in the neighborhood of $190.00
  • The Unisar Bebesounds portable video and sounds model TV872

    The Philips Digital audio monitor is the only model rated highly for performance in all categories other than battery life, but it was expensive for its class at $200.00 which is more expensive than the video monitors.

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