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I have a fondness for baby sea turtles that probably goes back to the little box turtles that my dad used to bring home as a special gift when I was a child. This is a perfect example of how wonderful free and natural gifts can be. I believe that I can remember every occasion that he came in the door in the afternoon after work with the announcement that he had a surprise for me.

He might have seen the baby turtle where he had been fishing that day or maybe the poor thing was trying to cross the road and my dad rescued it from being a victim to traffic. For whatever reason the little guy landed at my house, it was a wonderful gift that taught me so much. I had to learn the basics of box turtle care and feeding as well as how to create a suitable habitat for my new friend. I must have gotten very good at knowing what to feed baby turtles because one lived for many years in the back yard keeping the many other critters that I managed to collect company.

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So perhaps that’s the reason that I like turtles of all kinds. It doesn’t really matter whether it’s a snapping loggerhead turtle or a peaceful species like baby turtles of the ocean. There’s something so interesting about the fact that they carry their homes with them wherever they go.

As I got older, my interest in baby turtles grew to include Hawaiian turtles. As if the natural threats to these beautiful creatures were not enough; man has shown what has amounted to cruelty to turtles with their lack of consideration for their habitat, need for space and by polluting the ocean. All of the above had these turtles on the verge of extinction.


You might wonder how one land locked person sitting in the Midwest can have an impact on the possible extinction of the Hawaiian turtles. The answer is actually very simple; raise awareness. The general public who might be able to stop the abuse of all sea creatures by stopping the pollution or development that are real threats to sea turtles may be unaware that their vote in some corporate board may be unknowingly pushing an entire species towards extinction.

When I give baby turtle theme gifts, invest in turtle artwork and send my friends little gifts of turtle wallpaper I feel that I’m doing something to help. I have the hope that some other little girl will grow up caring what happens to turtles and that she will want to take part in building public awareness of the dangers to these elegant and courageous creatures.

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