Piggyback Rider Nomis Basic Carrier Review

by Vaughn

It may be a little soon to write a Piggyback Rider Nomis Basic Carrier review since we only recently bought ours directly from their website but we tested it immediately and wanted to share our findings. This is only an initial review since we have only used it for a limited time which for us is NOT sufficient enough for both a full review or a recommendation of this product.

Piggyback rider baby child carrier harness review

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Why We Chose to Buy a Piggyback Rider

The reason we chose this model is because it was supposed to have a more "ROBUST" foam on their carrier straps as mentioned on the piggybackrider website.

Using the Carrier

The gear is pretty straightforward although a little bit of common sense is required to use it. This product also requires some practice to get used to it. There are no waist belts for this standing child carrier. The aluminum bar where the child stands has a non slip grip so it is recommended by the manufacturer that the child wear shoes while riding the bar otherwise it is going to be a bit uncomfortable for the rider.

Testing, Testing

I tested it with my 35 lb son which is within the allowable load limit as prescribed by the manufacturer of the product. We walked around 8 blocks (one way) to the nearest 7-11 convenient store just to buy a loaf of bread then walked back home. Our house is located on the 3rd floor of a building which made us decide not to use the elevator but to use the 40+ step stair (both for going down and going back up) for this errand. It was indeed a good workout since you are really going to sweat it out.

My findings were that I was really able to feel the full weight of my child on my shoulders. He rode the whole time and he only got down when we were back home from the store. Once he was down and after removing the carrier, I felt the strain on my shoulders which was most likely due to his weight. It was also a bit uncomfortable when he started excitedly shifting his weight around while on the carrier. I was happy that he was enjoying the same as I was and that he was having fun but as they say; it got old.


The Piggyback Rider is indeed a real HEAD TURNER! You see people looking at you with admiration on their smiling faces and hear compliments like how cool the product is and sometimes they simply approach you then ask you where to buy the product. My BlackBerry smart phone fits on the stretchable net pocket found on the front of the NOMIS Basic Model.

In Closing

As I saw mentioned on one of the reviews I read before making a purchase; this contraption is NOT a GRAVITY DEFYING device. You will still feel the weight of your child on your shoulders as well as tired muscles after using it if you aren't in good physical condition.

Parents would probably like it much better with a smaller, lighter weight child.

As you can tell, there is still some fine tuning to take care of and some kinks that I still need to work out on using it.

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