Noah s Ark Nursery for Twins Designed by Daddy

by Jan

Twin Noah's Ark Baby Nursery Wall Mural Designed by Dad

Twin Noah's Ark Baby Nursery Wall Mural Designed by Dad

This Noah s Ark nursery for twins was designed by their daddy and a very proud daddy he is! He not only did a super job with painting and decorating the theme but wrote about it in great (and often side-splittingly, hilarious) detail on his blog, Hold on Daddy's Coming. Tackling a project like this one that requires an advanced level of skill took an admirable amount of guts. But sharing the experience with his male following in such a manner so as not to lose them to a sporting event, Ice Road Truckers or some other more "manly" pursuit was perhaps the biggest challenge he faced!

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With that in mind, I have a few questions for this brave and daring father.

Since decorating a nursery clearly was not something you do everyday, why not leave it to mommy or a professional decorator?
Decorating the babies' room was a chance for me to do something productive at a time when I was feeling pretty useless. Decorating the nursery was my chance to contribute.

Why did you choose the Noah's Ark theme?
Noah had a pair of every species of animal on the ark. This is where twins and the Noah’s Ark theme come together; two babies, two animals. To me this was the obvious choice.

Ocean waves painted on the walls of a twin Noah s Ark nursery

The Ocean Waves
How did you come up with the mural design?
Obviously we needed to paint the lower portion of the nursery wall as the water of the ocean and that the painting of the ark would be above that.

Beyond that, I didn't know where to start so I looked online for ideas. Finally, I found a simple ark design and ran with it.

Noah s Ark twin baby nursery wall mural painting

Noah s Ark Portion of the Twins Nursery Wall Mural

Could you give us a basic rundown of the painting process?
After deciding the type of waves that we wanted (a much bigger decision than you might imagine), I traced the waves onto the wall and painted the ocean and the sky. Then came the ark part of the nursery wall mural, which was tricky to the point that areas of the ark had to be re-painted several times.

After the waves and the ark were complete, I thought I was done. Then Jackie reminded me that I had yet to paint the rainbow in the Noah’s Ark story. And she wanted a "BIG" rainbow.

Since the painting of the ark was over one of the cribs, the rainbow was going to be the feature over the other crib.

That's one huge rainbow! Did it give you as much trouble as the ark?
I actually didn't have time to think up there. Indeed if you think, you’re dead.

Rainbow painting in a Noah s Ark baby nursery for twins

Jackie's Rainbow
OK, Top Gun quotin' Daddy, tell us how you painted that amazing rainbow.
I used a thumb-tacked piece of string to draw the outline of the first, moved the thumb tack up a couple of inches on the wall, drew the next ring and repeated the process five times. After the lines were in place, I filled in the colors.

Then came the clouds that were every bit as tricky as the ark to paint but after a couple of do-overs, I finally got it right. I would tell you the Top Secret method I used to them but then I would have to kill you.

We'll skip the cloud painting tutorial; what's next?
The nursery was looking pretty good but it was lacking animals and the"animals two by two" was the whole point of the Noah’s Ark theme! To fix the problem, we bought animal decals to fill the ark and then we hung stuffed, toy animals on the wall. Finally, the nursery was completely decorated..well except for assembling two cribs, the changing table, the nursery rocking chair and the baby's dresser. And I would like to take this opportunity to give the people who wrote the assembly instructions for those items the virtual finger.

In closing, I would like to say thanks to Jim and Jackie for allowing us to tour their baby's room and for taking us with them step-by-step while they decorated this cute Noah s Ark nursery for twins.

Kudos to Jim for figuring out how to post in an uber masculine manner without having to resort to dropping the "F" bomb which he no doubt would have been forced to do if he had filled the post up with quotes from movies designed to hold his male audience like "Face Off" or "Pulp Fiction" or a few others I might name. "Top Gun" quotes are considerably more family friendly yet thrilling enough to appeal to dad dudes who prefer to read about baby decor with a hint of danger on the side.

And as far as his female audience is concerned, I'm sure that I speak for us all when I say we appreciate his efforts and his extreme sacrifices which include leaving at least one beach volleyball game early to go home and decorate. He has really raised the bar for dads everywhere.

To read a much more entertaining account of how Jim came up with the cute baby nursery ideas for this Noah s Ark nursery for twins, please visit the post on his blog "Hold On Daddy's Coming".

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I love this design.
by: Anonymous

Me and my partner are expecting twins, boy and girl, and we've been looking up theme ideas. We liked the idea of Noah's Ark but couldn't find any real inspiration until we found yours. It's so colorful and friendly, it's also a theme that they can keep during their toddler years. I think that they are very lucky to have such creative parents and we want to say thank you for helping us with our theme, we have decided to give them each an animal, lion and giraffe, with a Noah's ark painting/stencil in the middle.

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