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Here are some great pictures to help you in creating music murals for your walls. These musical note graphics will give you some ideas on how to decorate your class room, music room or even a temporary background for a musical theme party. There's nothing more uplifting than music and singing so let's get started and take a look at these pictures of musical notes and the whimsical guitar graphics.
These musical notes and graphics are just to give you some inspiration and a springboard for ideas for your wall mural. There are three printable points of interest in this musical theme mural. You have the option to use one of the musical note graphics in the picture or you can get wild and crazy and use all three.

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You can draw any of these easy graphics and either of the following ways:

  • Free handed, if you're the least bit talented with a drawing pad and pencil it will be easy for you to draw these musical notes, the guitar and piano keys on your walls.
  • Draw the graphics and images that you want in your design on the wall with the use of an overhead projector. This is a really quick and easy way to resize the pictures to fit the wall.
  • Copy the images and resize them before tracing them on the walls using graphite paper to draw the outlines
  • Take the musical staff note pictures to your local printer and have them resized to your specifications
  • Follow our easy instructions for making your own free stencils and stencil your work on the wall or surface of your choice

      These pictures are merely to give you ideas for wall decorations for different types of musical theme rooms from musical themed baby’s nurseries to a music loving tween’s bedroom. They are to be used for ideas and a general guideline. By all means do your own thing. Be imaginative and artistic! For instance, note that the musical staff notes pictures are all in a straight line. A variation on this would be to paint or draw a graceful waving picture of musical notes meandering their way across your walls. There's no need to leave your drawing of the staff so realistic or rigid, a little fun and whimsy is actually very appealing and desirable. Decorative wall murals are not for music lessons (unless you want them to be for teaching purposes) and a bit of whimsy and imagination will not hurt a thing. For that matter there's no need to leave your pictures of musical symbols and notes colored black. Use what ever wild or bright color scheme in your design that makes you happy! The drawing of piano keys can be made into a mural completely independent of any other graphics. If you happen to have flat wall paint, you can draw musical notes and the piano keys with plain old school room chalk! This is a cheap and easy DIY wall painting and decorating technique. The only supplies that are necessary to complete this image are:

      • A wall that has been painted with flat latex paint
      • Lots of white and black chalk
      • A ruler

      How simple is that? Choose the wall that will best display your music mural and evenly draw your lines to indicate the ivory keys while leaving room for the smaller black keys. Once you have the outline for your music mural drawn you can begin filling in your black and white values. Note that there is no need to completely block in any portion of the pictures in this particular music mural. Leave small glimpses of the painted wall background showing through your piano keys to give your music mural depth and interest.

      I know that this picture of a guitar mural is not very realistic but I went for something simple and easy to draw for the purpose of a quick decorative music mural. One way that you can make this guitar graphic appear more professional and possibly more appealing to the guitar guru in your house would be to use less vivid colors. If you have a light colored wall consider painting this Fender Stratocaster look-alike in:

      • Sunburst tortoiseshell brown and caramel
      • Vintage colors of vintage turquoise blue or sea foam green and cream
      • Black and White

      Don't forget to draw a guitar strap with your music lovers name on it! If you are drawing or painting a large music mural, you can paint your guitars in lots of different colors. Consider crisscrossing a border of multicolored guitars across the wall. It would take a lot of time to do this detailed music mural but think of the stunning eye catching benefits! I did this technique in a baby nursery mural and it was so COOL!

      If you feel that these ideas for music mural are too advanced there are other options that you can use to create a music mural for your wall and you will never have to clean a paint brush or sharpen a pencil. Buy some ready-made musical note stencils and paint them scattered in a random fashion on the walls. You still have the option of using what ever colors you like and the painting process goes very fast.

      Another option that you may want to try for a music mural would be to buy musical note wallpaper or wallpaper with musical instruments printed on it. While these music murals are fast I would still like to encourage you to paint your own music mural. It's fun and your friends will be amazed at your artistic ability. Feel free to browse other areas to find more musical baby nursery ideas and examples of music murals used to decorate nurseries for baby boys and girls.

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