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Hold on, ladies! Help for morning sickness is on its way. Do I have an inside track on cures for morning sickness? I’m sorry that I must say that I do not (on SO many levels as I tend to suffer from morning, noon AND night sickness with my pregnancies).

I can’t offer anything more than the list of stuff that stops morning sickness (oh PUH-LEASE!) that your OB/GYN’s nurse handed you early on, I CAN turn you on to a pretty nifty product called CHUCK THE YUCK. If you have ever had to heave your breakfast or lunch into your husband’s boot, as I had to do on one long car trip, you will quickly see the value in this nifty product.

Chuck the Yuck is the receptacle of choice for pregnant ladies needing help for morning sickness or rather disposing of the results.

At first glance you might judge this item as just a prettier version of the brown paper bag that you pick up at your local burger hut containing your order. But, ladies, I beg you to understand that Chuck the Yuck is not just another pretty face in the world of lunch sacks. Plain brown paper bags will let you down just when you need them most by coming apart at the bottom seams (Oh JOY!).

And even if they hold together temporarily, the paper itself will undoubtedly begin to showcase its heretofore unknown absorbent qualities before you can get to a trash bin. Believe me when I tell you that it will quickly become clear that these bags were meant to hold dry contents and dry contents only and this is a big deal unless you don’t mind cleaning up vomit.

Here’s a help for morning sickness that will not disappoint. The water proof lining prevents seepage and the fold-over top and twist closure keeps the contents under cover until you can toss the whole shooting match. They even contain the odor that might just create the need for another bag if such were not the case.

A cool product like this should have more than one use, right? And to be sure, when those lovely commutes filled with nausea are nothing more than a fond memory, you can pack Chuck the Yuck bags in the glove box to be on hand in case of motion sickness, the stomach flu or as a handy place to stash dirty diapers.

They say you can’t reinvent the wheel, but Chuck the Yuck proves that you CAN reinvent the brown paper bag.

Hang on..the rules will be uploaded soon.

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