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Hair bows for baby girls never go out of style. Look at any old paintings or photographs in recent history of little girls and chances are, no matter how long or short the hairstyles may be there will be a:

  • Hair Bow
  • Hair Barrette
  • Hair Band

Or some other stylish hair accessory for girls used to keep those curls in check.

Baby girl's hair bows used to be part of every outfit. When mom hired someone for custom sewing, interchangeable hair bows and soft headbands were made from the leftover scraps of fabric. As a result, the little girls were perfectly coordinated with stripes plaids or other print fabric from head to toe. The styles ranged from bows with large loops, fluffy to tight bows and crisp, tailored bows with neat, sharp corners.

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Share pictures of your baby girl's favorite hair bow!

Most clothing for children is either purchased at exclusive, designer baby boutiques or the local discount store that buys in such large volume that they can offer inexpensive prices for quality merchandise. The same goes for hair bows for baby girls. You can buy expensive, haute couture baby bows or simple bows for a cheap price at the dollar store where there are racks of beautiful hair bow holders as well as bows made of ribbons in every color. There are imported bows made from neon colored shoestring material and any number of elastics and plastics. In the baby clothing and accessory aisles you can find tiny infant hair bows in traditional colors and baby prints.

If you are looking for truly unique hair bows for babies or girls of any age it might be a good idea to learn how to make hair bows yourself. How else are you to get a truly fabulous looking match to your child's outfit? Making hair bows for infants and children does not take that much fabric, craft material or imagination. Your standard rosette with a sticky back or clip will do. An infant's wispy hair will not hold much weight and a large bulky bow will look odd.

Simple hair bows for baby girls can be nothing more than a tiny length of narrow, satin ribbon crossed a couple of times in the middle and held with one tiny stitch. It's very easy process once you master the basics. Once a mom learns how to make hair bows for her daughter, you may find that it's not unusual to see a cluster of bows decorating an infant's hair.

A lot of times rosettes style bows for baby girls are attached to a very relaxed loop of elastic that encircles or forms a wreath around the baby girls head. This is an excellent choice for displaying hair bows for baby girls in studio portraits or for other outings. Care should be taken that the elastic band is neither too tight nor too loose. Either way could be uncomfortable or dangerous. For this reason, I am not a huge fan of leaving hair bows for baby girls in place for very long periods of time.

Special locations that seemed to call for hair bows for baby girls would be:

  • Children's Christmas hair bows
  • Easy hair bows for baby girls to match their outfits
  • Keepsake Wreaths as a special personalized baby baptismal gift

Some popular themes for hair bows for baby girls are

  • Baby Animals
  • Flowers
  • Sports themes

There's no need to settle for the plastic mass-produced hair accessories for children or to pay high boutique prices for hair bows for your little princess when you can learn to make hair bows for children yourself. Hair bows for baby girls can be colorful and pretty even when they are made from cheap craft ribbon. The most simple, homemade or cheap bows for baby girls are better than no bows at all! Save the expensive satin or silk ribbon bows for the hair bows that will be kept as keepsakes. Keep the special hair bows for your baby girl displayed in a shadow box in her room or on the nursery wall. Won't it be nice when she is grown and looking at her portraits to have the bows that she wore in them to show her baby girl.

When she is older you will want to learn how to make cheer hair bows and maybe how to do some face painting! You have a long career of making hair bows in front of you so you better get cracking and find some good, free instructions for making hair bows. Bear in mind that free hair bow instructions may not be that great. It's much better to get someone to show you how to make hair bows than to read step by step instructions in a book.


Take care that the hair bows for baby girls that you get can't accidentally become a choking hazard. I have heard instances of where a baby swallowed a hair bow and my baby ate a hair clip and scared me silly once! We got lucky, but I want you to be aware of the danger of hair clips and other baby hair accessories. Infant hair accessories, decorations and hair bows for baby girls are beautiful in pictures and for special moments, but it's my opinion that constant parental supervision is needed when the baby hair bows are being worn.

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