The Best DIY Guide for Decorating Baby Rooms

For those who think that decorating baby rooms is no different from any other DIY home decorating project, this article is for you! Baby rooms are so flexible and there is so much that you can do to accessorize and decorate them. Not to mention that baby room decorations are CHEAP or at least inexpensive compared to decorating the other rooms of your home.

If you have studied the pictures of the latest celebrity baby nursery in magazines and are thinking of decorating baby rooms just like celebrity baby nursery pictures, you are going to pay luxury prices. But if you are willing to improvise and be creative and limit yourself to a few expensive pieces of designer baby stuff.
So now I will tell you the easy way to begin decorating your baby rooms and not blow your budget.

There’s a fine line between modern, cool and trendy baby decor and tacky and it doesn’t take a professional decorator to spot the difference. Sometimes it seems as if the professionally decorated baby rooms in pictures are meant to shock us speechless rather than to please the eye. I can’t imagine what the photographer must have been thinking when he took those pictures for the layout! Can you? The lesson here is that you can spend a lot of money on baby room decorating if you make bad decisions in the beginning. We want a pretty baby nursery for a cheap price so let’s get that sweet baby's bedroom decorated, shall we?

Not all pictures of baby rooms are ugly, so sort through the pictures and chuck the ones meant to shock you in the trash and keep the ones that you love for nursery decorating ideas. Now, pick up the stack of pictures you have left. Pick out your favorite :

Unless there is another category that holds something really cool and modern that you can’t live without, pick out the baby bedding set that you love because you can use that for a springboard for ideas for decorating a baby room when nothing else inspires you. If you have followed these steps for decorating baby rooms to the letter, that baby crib comforter holds the key to successful nursery décor.

If the price of the baby bedding set that you want for decorating baby rooms is expensive as all get out or if you have to have a set of custom sewn baby bedding, it’s worth every penny. But, my step by step method for decorating baby rooms is to first shop the stores known to have discontinued baby bedding collections and work from there. If you find a set of cheap discontinued baby bedding that you adore, then you move the money that you saved to the budgeted amount for the next category of baby room decorations.

Ideas for decorating a baby room tend to clutter our minds in a poorly controlled fashion, organize them and save yourself a headache. Decorating baby rooms is the opportunity of a lifetime to be imaginative and experiment with various styles of decor and use nursery decorating ideas and techniques that you may have wanted to try for years! Above all have fun decorating baby rooms for you and your little one to enjoy and HAVE FUN!

Stay tuned for more tips and nursery ideas for successfully decorating baby rooms in different nursery themes.

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