Decorating a Baby Girl's Nursery

by Jan

Chris and Kara's baby girl, Kara's, nursery.  The  nursery's color scheme is blue, gray and white with dark pink accent pieces.

Chris and Kara's baby girl, Kara's, nursery. The nursery's color scheme is blue, gray and white with dark pink accent pieces.

It comes as no big shocker to most when decorating a baby girl's nursery, that a blue color scheme is not the traditional choice of parents expecting a daughter. However, as you can see from Kara's nursery pictures, the predominantly blue, gray white color combination with a few accent pieces in a bold shade of pink is stunning.

This is a good example of one of those times when bypassing what is considered normal really pays off!

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Rather than focusing on what is or is not a traditional "girl nursery color" Kalia's mom, Kara, was more concerned with designing a room that would grow with her daughter.

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. She felt that after pouring so much love, time and energy into organizing and decorating that completely changing the decor in a few years was not acceptable.

Baby Girl Nursery Decorating Ideas

The next consideration was that she and her husband had to "love" the room; not just like it, but truly love it. When you think about it, decorating a room for a girl (or a baby boy's for that matter) is more for the parents than the baby.

Baby Girl Nursery Wall Decorating Ideas

Kara and Chris realized they would be spending a lot of time in this room and while little Kalia will be undoubtedly be enchanted by the pretty patterns and shapes; it's mom and dad who will appreciate the splendid colors and functionality of the space.

For those of you who would like to start decorating a baby girl's nursery of your own similar to this one right away, Kara has shared her shopping resources on her blog, Kara's Corner as well as some helpful tips in the following interview!

When you visit her blog, you will not only find many before and after pictures of Kalia's nursery but many building and crafts projects that you can make yourself with tutorials.

For example, Kara has some wonderful pictures of a daybed that she built, instructions for making a picture frame, shelves from wooden pallets, framed art and the list goes on and on! I'm bookmarking her blog and if you like to make your own decorations, you should, too! But for now, let's focus on how to decorate a baby girl's nursery, shall we?

Here is an informative Q&A that will answer many of your questions regarding Kalia's nursery. If you have any questions that are not addressed here, feel free to visit Kara's Korner or to pop them in the comments section below this article that has been provided by Unique Baby Gear Ideas for your convenience.

Kalia's custom bookshelves filled with books to enjoy with Mom and Dad for many years to come.

Q: I read on your blog post that you picked up your inspiration for your baby girl's nursery colors from the Benjamin Moore website but did you also have an inspiration picture for the layout and nursery decor?

A: After the colors were chosen, I started studying photos of nursery designs. I quickly realized that I had a preference for rooms that were full, full, but not too busy. The photos featuring nurseries with walls decorated with interesting details really appealed to me. In addition to the wall arrangements, I got the idea for the bookshelves in a picture of a room created by Elizabeth Sullivan Design. After I picked the pictures of nurseries that I liked best, I studied the details of each one until I came up with enough ideas for the space that we had to work with.

Q: Speaking of Benjamin Moore, one of the first questions moms will ask is what is the name of the wall paint color that you chose.

A: The name of the wall paint color that we used for the main part of the wall is Moonshine by Benjamin Moore and the color we used to paint the closet is Lucerne by Benjamin Moore.

Q: I can tell from your blog that you are a very talented, crafty lady and I'm sure that in the course of decorating a baby girl's nursery there many opportunities to create would present themselves. Could you tell us how much of what we see is "Made by Kara"?

A: The daybed, the nursery closet and dresser, the bookshelves, the wooden letter and the gallery wall above the dresser were all DIY projects and my husband and I collaborated on the design of the closet to make the most out of the space.

Q:Did you have a set amount budgeted for decorating the nursery and would you mind sharing the total cost?

A: I didn’t have a set budget but I did want to complete the project as cheaply as possible without it looking like I cut corners. As for the total expense of the nursery; it came to just under $1450 which is a very reasonable amount considering we started with a clean slate. The only big ticket item that I did not buy was the nursery glider that I received as a gift so I’m pretty happy with what we spent.

Q: That is a lot of building and planning, Kara! How long did it take to decorate Kalia's nursery?

A: I never knew that decorating a baby girl's nursery would take as long as it did! It took the better part of 4 months to complete but I did take my time organizing the colors and decorative features.

Q: It's obvious that you chose each and every detail of your baby girl's nursery with care and plans for the future but I have to ask; what's your most favorite part of the baby's room?

A: You're right! I love everything about Kalia’s nursery but if I had to choose just one thing that I love the most it would be the bookshelves because they are as practical and functional as they are visually appealing. The books and shelves hold a special place in my heart. I'm so looking forward to the three of us enjoying the books together as a family.

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The Initial K
by: Ellis

I would like to see some instructions for the initial "K" that Kara made. My baby girl's initial is "K", too and I would like to make one like it.

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