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When I have been asked in the past about cheap baby cribs, my initial reaction was to tell them that you would undoubtedly get what you pay for. In the old days, you went to the furniture store and had a choice between expensive, mid-range and cheap prices. The differences in quality would always be very noticeable between the three baby beds.

The higher priced crib would have been attractive, solid wood and feel sturdy. The crib in the medium price range might not be as fancy as the expensive one, but seemed like it would last through a baby or two. Then come the cheap baby cribs that made you feel like you were bordering on child endangerment charges if were so stingy as to buy such a dangerous crib for an innocent newborn.

Modern parents are no longer tied (note that I didn't say subjected) to such merchandising practices. Thankfully, there are ways to buy safe and cheap baby beds without putting baby’s well being on the auction block. The stigma of picking up used baby furniture for free or at discount prices has fallen by the wayside in favor of economy by those on a tight budget or of saving the planet and going green by eco-friendly parents who prefer to spend their money on environmental causes.

So, where can we get cheap baby cribs that are safe and attractive? Here are some ideas on where you can find inexpensive baby beds or many even some freebies if you are lucky.

Nobody wants to hear that there’s no magic wand to wave to get what you want but sometimes there’s some really good stuff right under our noses if we just look. There are few better resources for picking up cheap baby furniture than the friendly neighborhood yard sale. Look for flyers and ads in the local paper for big savings on shipping.


FREECYCLE: Make it your business to haunt freebie sites like FREECYCLE on a daily basis so that if somebody’s giving a crib away in a neighboring town, you can grab it quick. Free baby furniture and gear are highly sought after, so you had better be on your toes if you want a chance at the good stuff.

People are always listing cheap baby cribs on CRAIG’S LIST, but don’t go grabbing the first bed you see or you could end up spending more than a new crib would set you back in shipping costs. When you buy used baby furniture, free shipping is probably not going to be an option.

Online auctions and forums are a no brainer shopping resource for cheap baby cribs, but the same rules apply for shopping on this online auction giant as on Craigslist. The good news is that the baby beds marked for local pickup only go for super cheap prices. I’ve seen designer baby beds go for less than ten dollars. But that won’t mean anything if you have to drive halfway across the United States to pick the furniture up. Shop regional auctions for the best results.

Here’s an option right out of ancient times; make it yourself. If you have carpenter’s tools, access to inexpensive wood and baby crib plans you can make cheap baby cribs not only for yourself but for some other family that needs a discount baby crib. Just don’t rush out and buy expensive tools to build one bed or once again your goal of providing a cheap bed for your baby will be ruined.

If you find a ready made crib on auction, call or email the seller and get the model number, brand and any other details that you can squeeze out of them and write them down. With this information in hand, head over to Consumer Reports and be sure that there are no recalls on the crib. Once you do your research, if it still looks like a spectacular deal, go take a look and see if the cheap baby crib is inexpensive or if it’s just cheap.

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