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According to a recent "BEST STROLLERS" list, the Bugaboo Cameleon is the best stroller of the year! Should we be surprised that the Cameleon baby stroller is the top rated stroller on any list? Some moms have the opinion that with a price tag close to $1,000 for a new model and approximately half that for a good used one that it should not only have cool accessories and features but that it ought to push itself and change the baby's diaper!


Before you pass judgement on this expensive stroller and get all negative about it, you should know that a lot of satisfied moms who gave it those high ratings did so because they truly believe that when you buy a Bugaboo Cameleon stroller that you have all the stroller that you will ever need.

These ladies were very pleased with the value and performance once they put the math to the purchase price. After they got over the sticker shock, they realized that since the stroller could be used from the time their babies were newborns right on through the toddler stage they would save a nice chunk of change by eliminating the need to buy additional strollers appropriate to the baby's age. That not only saves you money but researching strollers and all that switching and swapping eats up a lot of time!

The Bugaboo Cameleon starts out strolling your infant in a newborn bassinet and then moves right along to a reclining seat that will handle your baby's needs at any age. Unlike many other Bugaboo stroller accessories, the bassinet comes with the stroller.

The Cameleon is lighter than many standard size baby strollers yet with lots of cool features. Reviews gave it credit for being easy to maneuver and for having more features than your average lightweight, umbrella stroller.

The tests indicate that it performs as well on smooth surfaces as it does on bumpy terrain. Speaking of being an all-terrain stroller, the Bugaboo Cameleon has a reversible handlebar that positions the larger wheels in front to handle all-terrain paths. If you are spending the day in the mall or some other area where crisp, efficient cornering and maneuvering is important you can easily position the smaller wheels in front to best handle corners and moving about in tight spaces.

Now that you've heard the case on why the Bugaboo Cameleon is the best stroller of the year let's take a moment to cover the negatives, shall we?

Complaints are that folding the stroller is not a job for one hand since the seat must be removed before folding it. This is something that might be offputting to a mom juggling more than one baby. However, fans of the strollers argue that the seat is easy to remove and that this drawback is outweighed by the fact that the strollers is more compact than most all-terrain strollers. That has to be the shortest list of negatives and drawbacks ever! Perhaps that is why so many moms believe that the Bugaboo Cameleon is the best stroller they have ever owned. So, what is your opinion? Is the Cameleon one of the best baby strollers for the money or is it over-rated?

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