How to Write Personalized Baby Shower Thank You Notes for the Hostess and Guests

Do you struggle with writing personal baby shower thank you notes? You are not alone, it can be very difficult to express what's in our hearts and put our feelings into words. However, baby shower etiquette dictates that one of the first items on the guest of honor’s "to do list" after the party is to mail out baby shower thank you cards even if some of the guests tell you that it's not necessary to send a card.
To be absolutely certain that each and every person who took part in this very special day knows how much you appreciate them and their gift, take some time to find cute baby shower thank you cards and whether you hand deliver them or stick a stamp on the envelope and drop it into the mail it‘s always best to do more than just sign under the printed words. It's not that difficult to include a handwritten thank you note. Hurt feelings aside, even if you are 100% certain that you gave hugs and extended words of thanks to all of your friends that were in attendance there is something so special about receiving a handwritten note inside of a pretty card.


Do you have a great poem, saying or special wording to share? Tell us about it!

Baby Shower Thank You Notes
There are no hard, fast rules for the color or style of baby shower thank you cards. It’s fine to send a note on your personal stationery or a plain white card that has THANK YOU printed on the front so long as you add a little more than just add your signature on the inside. If you have read any of my articles on baby shower invitations, you are aware that I’m not a big fan of free-printable cards because it’s so darn cheap to buy personalized cards. I feel the same about baby shower thank you note cards. There is simply not enough money saved to justify the time spent looking for downloadable templates, clipart and craft supplies much less pulling it all together into an attractive design. Do yourself a huge favor and send in your order for personalized thank you notes at the same time your hostess orders the baby shower invitations and after you add your handwritten note to the printed wording they will be ready to deliver.

Baby Shower Thank You Notes
Bring your baby memory book with you to the shower so that one of the hostesses or guests can write detailed descriptions of each baby shower gift that you open and record the name of who gave it to you. This information will come in very handy later when writing your thank you notes. A specific mention of the gift in addition to the printed wording on the inside of the card is a personal touch that lets the recipient know that her (or his) gift was not lost in a sea of items.

Baby Shower Thank You Note Wording Examples:
Here's an example of a note that I received from a friend:
Thank you so much for coming to my baby shower and the cute onesies (or whatever) that you gave me are so sweet and I can‘t wait to see them on the baby (baby‘s name can be included if known)! Having so many of my friends and family members at the party meant so much to me.
Speaking for myself, receiving a baby shower thank you note with wording that reads like a script from Emily Post’s book of etiquette is a little too formal coming from a close friend. I prefer wording that is a cross between Miss Manners and Erma Bombeck...but older and more dignified guests might be offended if your note is too casual.

Hostess Thank You Notes
I can’t stress how important it is to tell your baby shower hostess thank you! After all, without her amazing baby shower ideas, choice of a baby shower theme and her organizational skills the celebration would never looked as if the queen of home decor and parties, Martha Stewart herself, had dropped by to give a helping hand.

A very special baby shower thank you note is called for to let her know just how much fun you had at the baby shower, how delicious the food was and how beautiful the decorations were.

If the party was so amazing that you are at a loss for words, here are some wording examples:

  • You are such a wonderful friend and an even more amazing party planner!

  • I can only guess how many hours you spent putting this amazing celebration together and I feel so blessed to have such a talented and thoughtful friend.

It’s always nice to mention a remarkable centerpiece, decoration or your favorite food somewhere in the body of your baby shower thank you note to show that you were paying attention to the details.

If you have some tips on how to write a special baby shower thank you note or maybe a thank you poem that you would like to share, I'm sure that our visitors would love to read it. You can send us your poem or the thank you note using the form on this page provided by Unique Baby Gear Ideas.

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