Baby Shower Napkins to Complement the Tableware and Decorations

When styling a shower, baby shower napkins are often thought of as one of those "minor details" that fall somewhere behind choosing whether to serve cake or cupcakes and what kind of cocktails to serve. Paper products don’t always take priority in the grand scheme of planning a baby shower perhaps since they are disposable and tossed about with abandon during the festivities they just don’t seem that important when shopping for the perfect baby shower tableware and supplies.
But I'm here to tell you that cheesy napkins with no style will take a lot of the pizzazz out of an otherwise perfectly designed tablescape.

You might be asking, what type baby shower napkins are stylish without being so expensive that they are out of my reach? Should we avoid paper napkins because they look cheap?
OR CLOTH If you have access to an ample number of linen, damask or even cotton baby shower napkins that will work with your baby shower decorations' color scheme, by all means use them if you have the time and resources to have them laundered and pressed in time for the party.

The reason I prefer cloth over paper napkins for a shower is because they are so elegant and they can be folded and presented in so many different ways. If you don’t know how to fold napkins, there’s no time like the present to learn! For a diaper shower, there’s nothing as cute as a cloth napkin folded to look like a diaper with a color coordinated baby diaper pin in the center with a fork, spoon and a knife tucked inside where a baby would be.

I, personally, am nuts about cloth napkins and have piles in all colors. I once bid on and bought two dozen bright pink cloth dinner napkins at an estate sale for $1. I packed them in my stash of baby shower decorations all the while wondering what I was going to do with them because their color was somewhere between hot pink and a pastel color. A few months passed before I found myself planning a tropical themed baby shower where VOILA! my off-pink bargain napkins made their debut folded as birds that (if I do say so myself) had an amazing resemblance to pink flamingoes! What a moment of satisfaction that was! I came off looking like a genius and everyone thought I’d spent a fortune! Now THAT’S the kind of thing that makes it so satisfying to throw a friend a shower.

The advantage of using paper is most often time. They don’t have to be folded or washed which translates into lots of time saved in a busy hostess’s schedule. Another check in the positive column for buying paper napkins rather than cloth is that they are often part of the baby shower decorations that can be bought in a kit.

It’s true that they are not always the most elegant and refined choice. However, complete party kits are fine for an informal shower, save money and there is always a broad selection of baby shower themes to choose from ranging from baby bird nest napkins to baby carriage napkins that are cheap without being tacky. And here’s a tip that savvy hostesses often have in their bag of tricks; personalized baby shower napkins have such an elegant look that it will never cross your guests’ minds to check to see whether or not their beverage napkins are paper or linen. If you plan ahead, a monogram on a corner will make the napkins much more sophisticated than their price tag might indicate.

I hope that I have given you some ideas for choosing baby shower cocktail napkins that will make your tableware and decorations stand out! When you are done decorating for the party, take a moment and snap some pictures before your guests arrive and share them with us! Unique baby Gear Ideas loves pictures of baby showers and has provided forms on most of the pages to make it easy for you to upload your pictures and share your ideas.

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