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Baby shower ideas for a coed baby showers also known as a Jack and Jill baby shower may not have a competition between couples carrying buckets of water up and down the hill. Of course, if you’re outdoors and happen to have a well that’s located high on a hill and want to add that rather physical game to your repertoire of Jack and Jill shower games it might just be loads of fun.

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Let's be clear that the modern meaning of a Jack and Jill party indicates that the party will be "coed" with men as well as women on the guest list rather than the traditional "girls only" shower of recent years. Don’t let the cute name based on the popular nursery rhyme fool you, this is one of the more sophisticated showers as it recognizes that the modern male can and should be just as important and involved in the business of newborns as mom.

If the guys are in attendance, you should bite the bullet and toss the girly, elegant baby shower ideas aside. Save the elegant, feminine decorations for the afternoon tea party and do your best to make the men feel more comfortable in what is still considered by some to be the women’s territory.

There’s no need to get so masculine with your centerpieces and decorating ideas that it looks like an adult version of a frat party, but stay away from pastel pink and blue if at all possible. Men tend to feel more at home around primary colors like navy blue, red and hunter green. Skip the flowers and butterflies and find table decorations in stripes, plaids or as a last resort polka dots or solid color plates and tableware. Believe me, the sacrifices that you make in color schemes and decorations will pay off when the men enjoy themselves rather than standing around sneaking peeks at their watches. And if they compliment your Jack and Jill baby shower ideas, so much the better.

This would be a great time to test the waters with some unusual baby shower themes that would be entertaining to men and that might keep them from drifting off to the sidelines to talk shop and sports. Men don’t have the staying power that women have when it comes to admiring baby outfits and passing them around in a circle, nor do they get into most baby shower games. So, my advice is to commit to a Jack and Jill baby shower theme where the gifts will be more interesting to the guys than onesies and booties.

    The couple receives gadgets used in traveling with baby, camping with baby, caring for baby or something modern and innovative for the nursery. Men love tinkering about with electronics so this is a theme that might keep them interested in staying for a while so long as the menu is good as well.
    This theme is good for couples who enjoy sports and perhaps share a favorite team. Coming up with baby shower ideas for this theme is a no-brainer. All that’s required is a visit to the team’s official store to pick up wall banners, tableware and all the decorations in mom and dad’s favorite team colors.
    In the invitations issue a request that gifts should be items pertaining to baby photography. Gift ideas could be rolls of film, gift certificates for film development and other items that will help foot the bill for the endless stream of pictures that will be taken in those first few years.

It’s a fact that Jack and Jill baby shower ideas might leave the girls jonesing for the classic punch and mints style baby shower, but concessions must be made so that a good time is had by all even if it means throwing conventional baby shower ideas and themes to the winds. Besides, what’s stopping the girls from getting together and doing it their way when the guys are off on a camping or fishing trip? When the men are away, a Jack and Jill baby shower can be about nursery rhymes rather than coed parties if you prefer.

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