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Should you have a baby scale in the nursery even though your infant’s weight will be checked and recorded by the pediatric nurse at every checkup? How often should I check to see what my baby weighs? Is a scale for baby really necessary?

These are all questions that mothers-to-be ask especially in the current cash-strapped economy where buying the most essential baby gear and nursery equipment often puts the checkbook balance in the red.

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On this page we will explore the reasons why a scale for baby may fall into the category of "baby’s nursery necessities" and why, as expensive as a digital or electronic baby scale may be; the peace of mind of knowing what your baby weighs is worth twice the price.

Find the most convenient, accurate baby scales available.

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Is a nursery scale a necessity?
Under normal circumstances when a baby is born within the normal weight range with no health problems, the answer to that question is no. However, your pediatrician, for several reasons, might recommend that your baby’s weight be monitored on a regular schedule and recorded to keep track his or her growth progress.

Why do some babies have to be weighed between checkups?
If your baby is a preemie or has medical issues, your doctor may suggest that you buy scales for baby to have at home to keep track of the newborn’s weight gain. Monitoring the first few months when every ounce counts is especially crucial but chances are that new parents will be asked to keep progress charts for the first year or until the pediatrician’s feel it is no longer necessary.

What medical conditions would cause such careful monitoring to be needed?
The progress of premature babies that have a low birth weight or infants born with heart or other health problems is often not just recorded with weight gains of pounds or ounces but fractions of ounces. In this situation, when the tiniest reversal or lack of weight can indicate a dangerous situation, the accuracy of the scale is of the utmost importance.

Why is my baby not gaining weight?
If your baby scales indicate that your baby does not weigh what your health professional recommends within a certain timeframe, call the office to let them know of the baby’s failure to thrive immediately.

How can I help my baby gain weight?
It may be possible to help an underweight baby gain weight by offering nourishment more often than you might otherwise. Depending on your doctor’s orders, feeding six or more times during the day may help. If the baby is formula fed, correct mixing of the formula is very important to insure proper calorie intake.

Tending to an infant with special needs, keeping up with weight charts, ounces of weight gain or loss

Where can I find the most accurate baby scale?
There are professional scales that are capable of accurately measuring to a tenth on an ounce. However, digital baby scales with this level of accuracy are prohibitively expensive for the average parent. For example some models of the popular Seca and Detecto brands have prices near $1000 and some of the HealthOMeter models are priced between $1,000 and $2,000. If you need or just want a professional scale but can’t afford to buy one outright, you might be able to rent a baby scale from a baby gear rental company or you might buy a used scale if you are willing to trust its accuracy. If you can find a used baby scale for sale by an individual on a forum or on Craigslist chances are that you can pick it up for a relatively cheap price compared with what it would cost to buy a new one paying full retail.

Mechanical, portable, electronic and digital baby scales; which is best?
The best baby scale is the least expensive, most accurate one with all of the features you want that you can buy for the least amount of money. As I mentioned earlier, you can pay big bucks for a state of the art baby scale. But do you really need to buy the top of the line? The best way to determine what scale you should buy is to first make a list of what you must have (in addition to an accurate weight reading) and then study baby scale reviews. If you are confused by that, you should know that digital scales not only have the capability of keeping you aware of what your baby weighs, but also of giving you a reading of the baby’s height, recording the progress of you baby’s weight gain using its built in memory and providing information on an optimal BMI (body mass index) range. These are not your grandmother’s scales and it’s not just about measuring ounces and pounds anymore!

Are some baby scales more comfortable than others?
Nothing transforms a peaceful sleeping baby into a crying unhappy state like a cold stethoscope or a hard, metal scale platform. Take a look at old baby scales and it’s easy to see that they were not designed for comfort. You couldn’t cover the metal with as much as a diaper for fear of throwing the accuracy of the reading off. Thankfully, today’s scales are padded as well as adjustable so that a sleeping infant can be weighed without disturbing their rest.

The bottom line is that
modern scales make frequent visits to the pediatrician’s office for the sole purpose of weighing the baby virtually unnecessary. This not only gives a new mother assurance that her baby’s growth is on track but prevents her from exposing the baby to infections in the doctor’s waiting room. Communication with the baby’s pediatrician, regular checkups and following the doctor’s orders to the letter is crucial but knowing that we have the best scales in our that may give us early warnings of problems in between visits is very comforting.

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