Cute Cartoon Baby Looney Tunes Nursery Stuff Wall Decorations and Crib Bedding for a Looney Nursery Theme

New parents shopping for baby Looney Tunes nursery stuff online or in the stores you may be in for a surprise.  There are not that many Baby Looney Tunes infant crib bedding sets to pick from.  Considering the popularity of the baby Looney Tunes characters, you would think that there would be plenty of merchandise and items that you could use in your nursery for sale. 

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To the contrary, the pickings in Baby Looney Tunes nursery bedding are very slim.

However, if you are open to some DIY nursery decorating ideas and crafts projects, and to decorate a nursery with a theme that requires Baby Looney Tunes nursery bedding you're going to have to be, you can find enough to get the look that you want.

Baby Looney Tunes Nursery Stuff and Bedding

Baby Looney Tunes baby crib bedding set and nursery decor with Baby Taz Tweety Bird Sylvester the Cat and Bugs Bunny

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Several moms have sent emails requesting pictures of nurseries decorated with Looney Tunes decorations and crib bedding sets that feature their favorite Looney Tunes characters.

Baby Looney Tunes crib bedding set in a nature nursery theme featuring the most popular cartoon characters
I initially thought that this would be no problem. Lots of primary colors would be involved in this cartoon character nursery theme and I have had lots of fun decorating with Baby Looney Tunes nursery bedding. All I have to do is dig out my notebook where I keep lists of nursery decorating ideas for every color scheme and come up with something fresh and modern. This isn't a problem since there are so many ways that I can design a room based on Baby Looney Tunes cartoon characters; consider it a theme within a theme.

The colors of these baby bedding sets work nicely with colors found in nature as well as fun shapes like polka dots and tree branches that can be used to decorate the nursery walls.

Looney Tunes baby crib bedding and nursery decorations in a Tweety Bird cartoon theme with Bugs Bunny and Sylvester the Cat and Taz with shapes; polka dots and circles

One of the nursery theme possibilities makes my favorite cartoon character, Tweety Bird, the star of the show.

As a matter of fact, it's possible to create a theme for your room using any one of the Looney Tunes characters that are featured in most Baby Looney Tunes crib bedding sets. You can find plenty of Looney Tunes nursery stuff for baby boys and girls to create any of the following themes:
  • Baby Taz or the Tasmanian Devil
  • Baby Marvin the Martian
  • Baby Spike the Bulldog
  • Bugs Bunny
All of these popular cartoon characters are included in Baby Looney Tunes crib bedding sets and have their own matching Looney Tunes items that we can use as decorations. A few years ago, the only baby Looney Tunes nursery stuff that I could find came as part of the one ONE single bedding collection for sale in an Ebay auction that included a patchwork Looney Tunes baby quilt that would only work in a gender neutral nursery decorated in colors of yellow, mint green, white and just enough baby blue so that you could use it in a baby boys room by bringing out the blue with other baby Looney Tunes nursery stuff elsewhere in the baby's nursery. Basically, if you were looking for baby Looney Tunes nursery stuff for a baby girl nursery things got really complicated. Thankfully, today there are several collections available including:
  • Sylvester the cat Baby Looney Tunes crib bedding, apparently the pictures they appliquéd on this quilt were meant to be Sylvester as a little black and white kitten, early in his Looney Tunes cartoon acting career
  • Bugs Bunny Baby Looney Tunes crib bedding with Bugs as a very young bunny. As a matter of fact I never saw Bugs Bunny this little in any of the Looney Tunes cartoons. His ears were still very short and not very floppy at all and he was not hoping his traditional orange carrot Snack.
  • A Baby Taz Baby Looney Tunes crib bedding set whom I suppose is meant to be the Tasmanian Devil as an infant. Perhaps this was before he took up spinning up tornados and throwing fits for fun?
  • Tweety Bird Baby Looney Tunes crib bedding with his (or her?) pretty blue eyes and bright yellow feathers may be the only way for the parents of a baby girl to create a feminine bedroom theme with this collection of Baby Looney Tunes nursery stuff.
I worked for years with a limited selection of Baby Looney Tunes nursery stuff making do with having the occasional crib quilt and other baby crib accessories as well as decorations for the nursery custom made. When I had a baby nursery theme to design for a baby girl, I often felt forced to work with a set of baby Looney Tunes crib bedding that was more masculine than that I would have liked although Baby Tweety Bird with her beautiful yellow feathers and bright blue eyes is really cute in a baby girl's room. With this little bird in my bag of decorating tricks; I could make Baby Looney Tunes nursery stuff come across as very girly. I found that adding decorations with stripes, gingham checks and polka dots fabric with a green background that reminded me of the color and shade of green that grass and leaves on the trees have in early spring took the decor in a very fresh direction that most of my clients loved! I was so happy that I decided to give this collection of Baby Looney Tunes nursery stuff a chance because:
  • there was so much that I could do with the other nursery decorations to coordinate with the stripes and polka dots on the Baby Looney Tunes baby bedding fabrics
  • I could decorate at least one nursery wall by painting matching polka dots or by using some other nursery painting ideas and techniques
  • I found that I could make baby Tweety Bird (more) feminine and girly by sewing a pretty matching bow to decorate the three or four tiny sprigs of baby feathers on top of her head.
Unfortunately, Baby Looney Tunes nursery stuff is still pretty limited but with a little imagination (and possibly a set of custom sewn Looney Tunes baby bedding) you can have the baby nursery theme of your dreams. You might even like one of the discontinued Looney Tunes baby bedding sets better than the current selections! You can get some super discounts with free shipping on most discontinued crib bedding sets! Don't let limited designs keep you from decorating your nursery in an adorable Baby Looney Tunes cartoons theme if that's what you want. Please make plans to visit Unique Baby Nursery Ideas again soon to see the latest crib sets, baby Looney Tunes nursery stuff and ideas for decorating your baby's first room with beloved cartoon characters.

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