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The very definition of which bags are considered to be trendy diaper bags varies from day to day. The variables that might have a marked effect on what is considered to be unique in the world of diaper bags are many. Consider what’s touted as being fashionable or cute on any given day in the media and carry it forward to the world of baby gear for the best shot at being on the cutting edge of any new trends.
I’m not saying that a mom has to travel to Europe and haunt the roosts of the haute couture crowd to shop for and find the best, trendy diaper bag of the day, but that idea is not so very off the mark as one might think. If you play close attention to the popular online celebrity gossip websites, entertainment news programs on television and the magazines in the grocery store checkout line, you might be able to get the jump on some cool diaper bags and forego an expensive trip on an airplane to boot!
In most parts of the world, color selections change with each passing season. If past trends are any indication, here are possible future fashion trends for maternity bags for mommies with style:

    Pastel colors and floral patterns are popular in early spring. There may be the occasional sighting of a bright red diaper bag left over from the Christmas holidays or one presented at a baby shower held close to Valentine’s Day, but the closer we get to Easter the more you see of trendy diaper bags in spring greens with touches of pink and yellow.

    Summer is hot, and so are the colors we see in cute diaper bags offered to carry us through the summer months. Geometric or abstract patterns filled with bright, bold colors are hot from late spring all the way to fall. Summer is the season for festive, beach theme prints that are full of fun and celebrate carefree days spent on boats while abroad enjoying seaside vacations while babies enjoy playing in the sand with their toys. Uber stylish moms that require a stash of trendy diaper bags might want a special Patriotic red, white and navy blue baby bag to organize her baby’s diapers and bottles at the 4th of July fireworks display. The lighthearted environment is perfect for a cheap straw tote bag embroidered with shiny flowers that is big enough to carry a few hours worth of diapers, a spare pacifier and an insulated baby bottle cover if needed.

    Fall is the time to darken the colors of your baby accessories down a bit. Reds and hot pink will be replaced with rust and shades of brown and lime green morph into chocolate brown and olive. To lighten the color scheme, cream is moved to the top of the list in popularity over white. Floral designs are put on the back burner until the robins return in spring. Some savvy shoppers start to pick up the latest trendy diaper bags in sophisticated black early in the season, but why limit yourself to basic black when there are so many fabulous designer diaper bags to pick from?

    When the cold breezes blow, it is time to put away the frivolous fabrics and check out what’s available in quality leather. Coach diaper bags have been the gold standard for quality leather baby bags since they became a fashion accessory as well as a means of keeping baby’s necessary items organized. For some reason, we see more designer diaper bags in the winter than in other seasons, perhaps daddy got mommy an expensive Gucci diaper bag with matching changing pad and baby carrier a Kate Spade maternity bag or a Louis Vuitton baby bag as a special Christmas gift? As always, we caution you to watch out for designer knockoffs and fakes.

There’s no way to predict what direction trendy diaper bags will take for the next season. Inexpensive homemade or handmade, monogrammed, practical and high end designer diaper bags are in a constant state of ebb and flow in the mommy popularity polls. The best advice that I can give is to watch what celebrity moms are using and pay close attention to the updates provided in our celebrity mom and baby ideas blog that’s easily accessible from Unique Baby Gear Ideas home page!

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