Where the Wild Things Are Baby Nursery Theme

by Brooke D
(Port Neches, TX)

Where the Wild Things Are Baby Nursery Theme Wall Decorations

Where the Wild Things Are Baby Nursery Theme Wall Decorations

Here is the story of how my baby boy's "Where the Wild Things are Baby Nursery Theme" came about. At the beginning of my pregnancy I determined that if I learned that we were going to have a son, I wanted to decorate his room in a theme from one of my favorite childhood storybooks, "Where the Wild Things Are."

My baby boy, Kieran, is now 4 months old, and with the movie coming out next month I figured there will be even more merchandise and movie memorabilia I will be able to add to his nursery's decorations.

Where the Wild Things are Baby Nursery Theme.

But I just love how our Where the Wild Things Are nursery ideas turned out.

Where the Wild Things Are baby nursery theme items wall art prints

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cute stuff you can use for your own "Wild Things" decorating project.

The only thing that I wish I could have done differently is paint the walls. But we are living in an apartment, so what can you do?

Well, for starters, we had a woman that I found on the internet, by the name of Michelle Featherstone, paint a mural from the book on a large canvas to kick off the baby's Where the Wild Things Are Baby Nursery Theme.

If you are decorating a baby's nursery in an apartment and need similar removable wall decorations, you can find her on yessy.com and I think she can paint just about anything. After the mural was in place, we added grass wall stickers underneath the mural that we bought from Joann Fabrics.

We bought the baby's round crib came from JC Penney and the bedding from littlemissliberty.com.

I'm very fortunate to have a mom who is very crafty and she sewed decorative trim on the bedding that tied everything in the room together.

We found blankets at Target that said "Wild Thing" that we made use of as our Where the Wild Things Are baby bedding and we were able to cut them and sew them to make a window valance for the window and to decorate a moses basket to complete the Where the Wild Things are Baby Nursery Theme.

Next we found a large canopy crown that we painted to look like the one that Max wore in the book. We also found light switch covers on Ebay had had pictures of the storybook's characters as well as a baby growth chart and we bought the large leaf from Ikea.

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My Favorite Book
by: Glenn

I love these ideas but am having trouble finding many Where the Wild Things Are baby items. Please post suggestions where you found décor or art since I work and am taking college classes with no time to make my own.

Post any ideas for this theme, please!
by: Anonymous

My niece is doing this theme, Where the Wild Things Are and it would be great if you could create a special discussion board for this theme so that everyone could share their ideas and photos.

Where the Wild Things are Baby Nursery Decorations
by: Anonymous

I have come to find that there are very few Where the Wild Things Are baby nursery decorations in the stores. My husband and I want this baby nursery theme for our son that's due next spring so I've been shopping for stuff that I could adapt for use in decorating the nursery.

The best I could come up with in the way of wall and room decor is collectibles and promotional items that are associated with the movie.

wall decorations and collectibles featuring characters from the story that will make your job much easier.

It's a good thing that the movie is being released during my pregnancy because the number of items at my disposal is increasing with every positive review.

My favorite of all the decorations that I have found so far is a tapestry and the Where the Wild Things Are wall decals that you see in the pictures. I believe that it was actually intended to be used as a lap blanket as there was no pocket sewn to accommodate the hardware necessary for hanging it on the wall. But with one quick seam, I had the largest part of my baby's nursery wall decoration ready to go and it's so cute! My wall decals and homemade wall hanging is not as colorful as yours but it works with the paint color and the baby bedding set.

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