Unisex Gender Neutral Baby Shower Invitations With Ideas for Themes, Colors and Wording

We have ideas for adorable unisex or gender neutral baby shower invitations as well as some tips for choosing themes and colors. Any of the cards below will be perfect to make the announcement that there is to be a party for a mom that has chosen to keep the sex of her baby a secret.

If this is your first time to hostess such a party; a card for a neutral baby shower invites guests to the festivities but also gives them a helpful hint that their gifts should be in colors and themes that will work for either a baby girl or a baby boy.

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Most neutral baby shower themes would be in colors non-gender specific such as:

  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Lavender

Popular gender neutral baby shower themes would, of course, be based on items that both baby boys and girls use equally like:

  • Duck Baby Shower
  • Baby Diaper Showers
  • Clothesline Baby Shower
  • Pacifier, Rattles or diaper pin themed showers
  • Woodland Baby Shower Themes
  • Jungle Baby Shower
  • Baby Animal Themes

    When choosing your neutral gender baby shower invitations, it's wise to avoid cards featuring the most popular colors for baby boys or girls of pink or blue since the most traditional unisex theme can often be made feminine with touches of pink or masculine by adding pops of blue. Some cautious hostesses even avoid lavender and purple thinking they are just "too blue".

    Please make plans to visit Unique Baby Gear Ideas again soon to see the latest styles in gender neutral baby shower invitations.

    If you have a resource for free printable baby shower invites that you would like to recommend or some pictures of a neutral baby shower that you hosted, please share them with us using the form on this page provided for your convenience.


    Do you have a great card that had a special saying or maybe you would like to show us your artwork? Go right ahead! We love pictures!

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