Nautical Baby Shower Ideas for Ocean Sailing Boys and Girls

What amazing nautical baby shower ideas I have for party planners after catching a party for a baby boy last weekend! I can hardly wait to pass them along to my friends. The hostess of this baby boy shower is a sailing fanatic and spends every moment possible on board her beloved sailboat so she really poured her heart and soul into making this celebration a success.


When I got the nautical baby shower invite out of my mailbox, I noticed that the envelope seemed a little unusual. There was a little lump in the center of the flap that I found intriguing. When I opened it, I noted that the "bump” was a silver anchor charm that was attached to the side of the sailboat invitation. How nice is it to send a little something for mommy’s charm bracelet as a keepsake along with the invitation?

Nautical theme baby shower invitations cards with anchors and sailboats

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Nautical Baby Sayings and Quotes

If you would rather make your own sailing theme cards to reflect your personalized nautical baby shower ideas and color scheme, here are a few baby shower wording suggestions:

  • SAIL ON OVER TO A BABY SHOWER HONORING (insert friend’s name here)
  • AHOY! Our little sailor is due to arrive any day now. Please join us in wishing (insert friend’s name here) smooth sailing
  • HELLO FRIEND! SHIPS AHOY. (insert friend’s name here) is expecting a sweet baby boy!
  • Word is that (insert friend’s name here)’s baby is sailing this way. Let’s help her celebrate before the big day!

To be truthful, I expected the location indicated in the wording of the nautical invites to state that the party would be held on a boat. But the address was a popular restaurant close to the marina.

I asked why the hostess chose a location on land rather than booking a boat for a day cruise as her nautical shower venue and she said that she had considered renting a large party barge but after speaking with the owner she learned that she would not have sufficient access so that she could decorate the boat prior to the event. There was some lapse in communication and the only time he had available would scarcely cover the baby shower much less time to arrange food and decorations.

Rather than letting this situation kill her enthusiasm, she looked on the bright side and said that the restaurant allowed her to take her pick from many nautical themed decorations left over from previous parties that worked perfectly with her nautical baby shower ideas. This unexpected turn of events actually saved her quite a bit of money PLUS she learned that one of the guests suffered from extreme seasickness and would have had to miss out on the fun.

The best colors for a nautical baby shower are red, white and blue and if time and money are issues, you would be wise to stick to traditional colors in your list of nautical baby shower ideas for the simple reason it will be easy to find cheap plates, cups and tablecloths in these colors.

Make a trip to the marina to pick up boat oars and life rings to use as table centerpieces and decorations for the entry into the party. Plan for your use the crib quilt from your gift of nautical baby bedding to be used as a decorative wall hanging or a sailboat lamp to decorate the table filled with nautical baby gifts. In other words, pick up some nautical baby shower ideas from mom's nursery decorating ideas.

Silver sailboat or anchor charms are always appreciated as are sailboat shaped picture frames and candles.

If money is tight, bake cookies in the shape of boat anchors, frost them with white icing and then top them with bright red or blue sprinkles. Send the tasty boat theme treats home with your appreciative guests in pretty favor boxes or cellophane bags tied with red and blue curly ribbon.

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