Diaper Bag Vest for Dad

A diaper bag vest? At first glance, this vest looked just like an Abercrombie and Fitch fleece vest that I own. Zippered pockets, color and all. This diaper bag vest was designed to let dads tend to baby without dragging mom's designer diaper bag around.

The trick is in what the pockets will hold. There are two inside pockets for diapers, the side pockets hold a bottle and a spare, and all the zippered pockets are for your cellphone and keys. I'm still thinking this is not so very different from my A & F vest that I paid half of what this one cost, right?

Then I see the changing pad hidden in the back of the diaper bag vest. Now that's pretty cool.

All in all, I'd say the diaper bag vest would hold dad and baby for about a three or four hour jaunt.

Downside: This is not an item for warm weather wear. Once the temp gets above 50 degrees, daddy will not be able to tolerate the insulation of the diaper bag vest AND all that must be packed inside all the handy pockets.

Upside: I don't see any reason the diaper bag vest can't be simply a vest once baby has outgrown the need for a diaper bag and all it holds.

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