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Who would've ever dreamed that there would be a demand for mosquito ringtones? I was raised in the mosquito infested Deep South always dreading the horrible swarms! People must be CRAZY to want to listen to those bugs buzzing if they don't have to! When I was a kid, I didn't have to download a file to hear the high pitched buzz of mosquitoes! I only had to go outdoors at night to get the ringtone for free! The noise of a pesky whining mosquito is not something I want to hear on my cell or any other time! I've listened to the night sounds of insects till I could SCREAM IN PAIN!. If someone comes up with a mosquito REPELLENT ringtone, now that's something I would be willing to buy, no matter how cheap or expensive the download may be!
Come on, really! Is this a joke? Surely there is no demand for mosquito ringtones. Are we talking about a test pattern to see how many kHz or high frequency soundwaves can I hear? I'm sure that there is some really good reason for somebody making a sound recording of a noise that I never want to be exposed to again in my life!
Mosquito Here's a wild scenario. Was there some entomologist or college professor compiling information for articles on the most annoying insect on planet earth and a student that got the file to let his friends listen to it? Was the file labeled the mosquito bite ringtone? After all the noise of the mosquito is just about always accompanied by an annoying, itchy bite! Would there be some sort of exam or test? This is pretty far-fetched stuff!

As a child mosquito bites were just something to suffer through. They were little more than a minor irritation and a high frequency noise to dread in the early morning and evening. As an adult I came to know just how dangerous and even deadly that a mosquito bite can be! I've spent tons of money at the discount store on every kind of repellent that I could find to keep the little buggers at bay. And now to the amazement of my ears, the high frequency noise of mosquito ringtones are buzzing out of peoples' Cingular, Nokia and every other brand of cellphone that you can possibly imagine! What's next, flies?

I wonder if I could use mosquito ringtones as white noise to get baby to sleep? The droning of bees and bugs will make a person sleepy. I have just never considered the noise that mosquitoes make to be particularly relaxing. We used to laugh and call them "misquito" in that I wanted them to QUIT that obnoxious droning! So maybe we need a MISQUITO ringtone?

Yellow fever victims are surely spinning in their graves! Mosquito ringtones on top of the real article! Free samples of mosquito ringtones are popping up online and whole websites are devoted to spreading the noise right to my phone. Sorry, guys I don't think so! I think that out of all the midi sounds or ringtones that I can download that mosquito ringtones are at the very bottom of my list! It's a free country and you can download ringtones of mosquitoes and have fun listening to mosquitoes buzzing on your cellphones if you want to, but please leave me in peace! Does anybody know of a free butterfly ringtone or a relaxing laid back free cricket ringtone? The peaceful sounds of crickets chirping would be much more pleasant than an irritating mosquito ringtone!

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