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On this page you will find recommendations for the best baby monitor according to features as well as price.  We will make comparisons of cheap baby monitors vs. those at a higher price point and offer opinions as to which models and brands give new moms and dads the most for their money.

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The information that follows should answer many of the questions that soon-to-be moms have and help them figure out what audio or video baby monitor is best for their needs.

Of course they aren’t; they range in price from $30 to ten times that amount so there has to be a reason. Manufacturers have to add a few bells and whistles to justify the wide difference in price. I just stuck this up there to lead everybody to the REAL question.

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Educate yourself as to steps that may help to prevent SIDS including a safe sleeper rather than blankets, thermometers to regulate the nursery temperature like the Gro-Egg Digital Monitor and a ceiling fan to circulate the air.

Are Cheap Baby Monitors as Good as the Expensive Ones on Your List of Best Baby Monitors

What we really want to know is whether or not a cheap monitor is just as good as a high end monitor. Who wants to spend big bucks only to learn they would have had everything they needed for much, much less.

This is where things get complicated; some parents report that baby monitors they that cost very little were the best ever. Others aren't as impressed with the cheaper models in comparison with more expensive models.

The best advice I can give you is to learn what kind of monitors are available, read lots of baby monitor reviews to see which features you really want to pay for and THEN price shop. After you read reviews you may learn that there are some very affordable products out there that may be very satisfactory.

How Many Different Types are There to Pick From?

The answer to this questions depends on whether you want to count two tin cans connected by a string placed close to the baby’s crib or just the modern versions? Seriously, technology advances so quickly that the best baby monitors today are obsolete in a few short months so read fast and pay attention!

Here are the most common types:

  • Audio Monitors - These monitors only allow you to hear sounds that your baby make and come in digital and analog versions.

  • Motion Sensing Monitors - The best baby monitor for parents who want to be aware of baby’s every move, these monitors pick up even the slightest movement.

  • Baby Video Monitor – These are helpful for parents who like to see as well as hear baby. It seems like it was only yesterday when digital baby monitors were the hottest thing going. But now, the WiFi baby monitor that sends streaming video and audio to your Smart Phone, PC and Mac!

What to look for.
Regardless of whether you will be satisfied monitoring your baby by sight or sound, there are some common complaints that moms have with even the best baby monitors that may (or may not be) important to you.

Such as:
  • Sound clarity - Many monitors allow too much background noise. To address this issue, shop for a monitor that will allow you to adjust the microphone’s sensitivity for the best sound quality.
  • The monitors drain the batteries creating the need to replace or recharge them too often.
  • The sound wasn’t loud enough to be heard over normal household noise.
  • There was too much static and interference. Digital provides the clearest reception. Analog monitors are reported to have more problems with static. Analog monitors are very cheap but may provide cheap entertainment for your neighbors. Proceed with caution if maintaining the privacy of your household and that of your neighbors is important to you. To eliminate these worries, the best solution would be to get a more secure, digital monitor.

The best baby monitors have all these bases covered plus highly rated features like:

  • Extra receivers
  • Nursery temperature and humidity displays (Maintaining proper nursery temperature is very important in SIDS prevention!)
  • Walkie-Talkie capabilities. (One feature that has never made sense to me.)
  • Lighted display
Those are the very basics of shopping for the best nursery monitors available today. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask and please consider writing a review if you have experience with a particular brand to pay it forward.

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